Friday, August 31, 2018

Fr. James Martin Claims Priests who Identify Themselves by Their Sins Don't Commit Them

Martin tweet:

"If you doubt the intense hatred for gay priests (and as I say in the piece I mean celibate gay priests and chaste members of religious orders), how often people assume they are all abusers, and the virulent homophobia in the church, just read some of the comments below."
He's upset that the 55 years of insurrection of gay priests purging Catholic teaching and those who teach it has flipped to the counter-insurrection of purging gay priests.

 His claim is, priests who identify as 'gay', have been teaching Catholics gay sex is a 'sacrament', encouraging gay marriage, counseling children to submit themselves to gays who sexually seduce them - priests who have never once taught the only response to same sex temptation is celibacy and use of the Sacraments to rebuke those temptations - have been keeping a tremendous secret: They are celibate themselves!

 If a priest identifies himself as a gay priest, he is conveying that he has acted on gay sex temptation in the past, has gay sex temptations at present and may act on it in the future. He has assumed gay sex into his identity.

 No other priests identify themselves by their temptations and sins. You don't see priests referring to themselves as "opposite sex priest" or "fornicating priest" or "pornography priest" or "thieving priest" or "drunk priest".

 The idea that a priest would call himself a gay priest and not be acting upon it, is about as believable as a priest who calls himself a 'knitting priest' who doesn't knit.


  1. That's pretty much exactly what the Milwaukee priest assigned to "Courage" has said: if you ID as 'gay,' you have a serious problem with the nature of priesthood.

  2. It's the stupidist thing I've ever heard of!

    Who refers to themselves by things they don't practice?!


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