Wednesday, August 29, 2018

BCI Report on Cardinal O'Malley Coddling of Boston Homosexual Clergy Network

The first part of BCI's report was published earlier today

I've lived through most of these experiences, but reading the details at this time in the Church that makes the belligerence and audacity more infuriating.

How would a 'happy porn writing sodomite' have such intimate knowledge of Fr. Fleming and his sex life?   How could this sexually intimate knowledge be published in a porn book and the Cardinal not follow up on it?

Imagine brazenly defending the conduct of homosexual erudites by telling victims  they are doing an extraordinary job in education, the pews and loaded and the stuff they say has your full support as Cardinal Archbishop?

I've also experienced the phenomenon mentioned in BCI's report when Cardinal O'Malley ties the hands of pastors, priests in the chancery and auxilliary bishops.   The exasperation expressed has been a familiar conversation.

You have to wonder if the reasons for the coddling are revealed in Tornielli's Machiavellian defense of Pope Francis, i.e., victims of homosexual priest predators are over the age of 18, and therefore it's not a serious matter.     The Holy Father knowingly giving a swanky Vatican apartment for drug-fueled homosexual orgies makes the approval of over-18 sexual abuse a plausible explanation.

Cardinal O'Malley has prepared a statement which will be read at parishes this weekend.   It has all the buzzwords.  He speaks of a lack of transparent systems, pastoral accountability, clerical sins and clerical failures.  He tells us the pope is 'on our side'.  Those who suffer are his priority and he wants to listen to us to root out 'the tragic horror that destroys the lives of the innocent'.

Who is "us" and "our side"?

The only evidence we have of record points to sexual and theological perverts.   Here's another article disclosing Pope Francis meetings at the Vatican with culture warriors of gay marriage and telling them how appreciative he is over their project to spiritually defile youth.
In July, Pope Francis sent a three-page letter “blessing” and endorsing a Catholic ethics conference co-organized by Jesuit Father James Keenan, a public promoter of same-sex “marriage.” The conference featured many feminist and pro-LGBT speakers. 
“I have appreciated this effort of yours from the beginning, when the members of your planning committee visited me in the Vatican last March,” Pope Francis wrote. 
One of the many pro-LGBT speakers at that conference was Father Charles Curran, a long-time dissident priest, especially concerning the teaching of Humanae Vitae. A promoter of homosexuality, he finally lost his teaching faculties in the 1980s.

One of quotes from the speakers at the conference:

 “we, as queer and LGBTIA-identified Catholics” often “find that our lives and our loves are denounced both formally and informally in diocesan newspapers and during Catholic homilies.."  
Is building a bridge to gay sex and marriage the "we" and "us" and "our" Cardinal O'Malley is talking about?

Because the Holy Father has made crystal clear he has no intention to listen or talk about rooting out the tragic horror of the destruction of Curran, Keenan, Unni or Flemming or Garrity or Wuerl or Nighty Nights Tobin or Cupich or Bertone or Sandri or Filoni or Sodano or Parolin or Leveda or Ouellette or Baldisseri or Montinari or Becciu or Lajolo or Mamberti or Coccopalmerio or Paglia or Obrien or Martino or Bootkoski or Myers or Farrell - et. al.

His non-response to the other "us", is a response.   And it is a powerful one.

What Cardinal O'Malley fails to realize is, there two teams of "us" working on complete opposite "rooting out of tragic horrors" and the time for reconciliation has passed.  We are done.    They've been rooting out faithful Catholics for 60 years.   Archbishop Vigano has led the offense in a duel to the death.

Perhaps every parish where this statement about nothing is read, is a gentle chant of Vigano! Vigano! Vigano! 

That ought to get the message through!


  1. Carol I'm almost afraid to post this since you are not reading Church Militant anymore. However, one of their reporters tracked down McCarrick's residence. He now lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion in DC. The reporter spoke to the maid. McCarrick lives there with one of Wuerl's auxiliary bishops, Mario Eduardo Dorsonville-Rodríguez, a priest originally from Bogata.

  2. Thanks - I saw the film clips of it on Twitter early this morning. I was horrified to see the reporter in the darkness, looking in the windows like a peeping Tom, flashing a light on himself in front of the house watching and reporting on lights and televisions going on and off. Later in the wee hours of the morning, a video was posted with the description that he was able to get inside of the house. The man is a complete nutcase. I am appalled he is being egged on by Voris and Niles.

    Somebody must have told him it was criminal trespass, because the videos disappeared.

    I condemn these disgraceful actions and conduct in the most strongest terms possible and repeat my opinion that all Catholics of good will should immediately condemn them and disassociate themselves from Church Militant.


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