Sunday, August 26, 2018

Church Militant Going Crazed Vigilante

Over the past couple of days, Church Militant has been running videos of an individual confronting people like a crazed vigilante. Here's todays:

 This lunatic conduct needs to be condemned. Swiftly condemned.

 Yesterdays was some poor priest who breathed the same air as McCarrick. The priest showed remarkable virtue. When he reached out to the Blessed Mother in prayer, he was mocked.

 Listen, owning an iphone does not make you a reporter.

This guy needs to get himself into a state of sanctifying grace and sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament for a couple of hours to cool his jets.  And there is nobody at Church Militant who has the wherewithall to do it.

I tried to speak to CM staff and was appalled by their conduct and defense of the indefensible. This is not the first time.

  A few weeks ago, they were trying to claim Bill Donohue was guilty of protecting McCarrick's pedophilia. There's enough substance to gripe about Bill Donohue without resorting to the bizarre claim that people privy to rumors about McCarricks consensual orgies are culpable for McCarrick's misdeeds.

 Ladies and gentlemen - we cannot go down this rabbit hole.

 No Catholic of good will should have anything to do with any apostolate who advocates and carries out assaults on women, children and priests - or for that matter, bishops or popes.

 If this is where this movement is going, I'm out. I wan't nothing to do with a movement that treats Catholic priests and lay people like this.

 They've lost their ever-loving minds!

UPDATE:  The comments from Church Militant staff on Christine Nile's Facebook page advocate lunatic aggressive and threatening confrontations based upon the rash presumption employees of the Church and priests are all pimps involved in cover ups for perverts.

Every Catholic of good will should condemn this insidious strategem and disassociate themselves from the apostolate.    We need this like we need a hole in the head.


  1. Sipe didn't publish rumors. He published excerpts from legal settlements. Unfortunately, entire congregations both priests and laity of the Novus Ordo (note I don't call it the Catholic Church) know that 98% of the congregation of child bearing age (and older) is either sterilized, contracepting or did contracept. They know the marriages taking place are not between virgins, but between those who have had multiple sexual relationships (using birth control), that 30% of the congregation has been involved in abortion (probably everyone in the church has a close friend or relative that has had an abortion) and that at least 30-90% of the congregation votes for pro-aborts, pro-sodomites, and pro-contraception candidates. If they aren't in mortal sin, they are tolerating mortal sin--never any sermons on church teaching. When Sodom was destroyed EVERYONE in the city was destroyed. When Jerusalem was destroyed a horrible civil war was going on inside the city between the zealots and the corrupt priests--yet still EVERYONE in the city was destroyed. Who cares if you are out of the movement? Why don't you worry about being out of heaven?

    P.S.I think you're referring to a video of a catholic being barred from entering a church (i.e. attending mass) simply because he has called for the resignation of Cardinal Wuerl. This ain't the first time Wuerl has barred protestors from attending mass.

  2. There is a lot going on here.

    There was and is nothing in any 'publication' of Sipes that incriminates laity in coverup.

    The Novus Ordo Mass is not outside of the Catholic Church. The sede vacanists are outside of the Catholic Church, some of them receiving invalid Sacraments.

    Catholics are indeed uncatechized but that has nothing to do with chasing people with a cell phone acting like a lunatic.

    I think it is fairly obvious to everyone whose ever read my writing, that I getting to heaven myself and getting others to Heaven is the focus of 100 percent of every waking hour.

    The priest wasn't barring the individual from Mass. There were protesters outside and given the nuttery, they got scared and said they wouldn't open the doors to the Church until 4:30. The conduct in the video was insidious.

    The Church's victories are not reliant upon my blog, but I have been writing for 15 years, do have influence and hope my pointing out the obvious could persuade others to condemn (and not lend their support or presence) a movement of vigilantes. But even following Scriptural guidance of dusting my feet, I am serving the Lord. That is all I care about.

  3. Is this the Catholic equivalent of Maxine Walters saying no member of the Trump administration should be allowed to go out without harassment?

    1. Yes. This is the Maxine Waters movement of the Church and I'm standing up to say, harassing innocent people and their children is beneath contempt.

      I am absolutely furious this conduct is being defended. Shame on Church Militant and shame upon anyone who engaging in and enabling terrorism of women, children and priests.

      I don't have an ax to grind against the guy who took the video. He loves the Lord, His Church and His people. But he's acting out in ways that that requires every rational baptized person to tell him to knock it off. It is instigating violence. It is the devil using a pitchfork on vice.

      I'm cutting the cord on Church Militant. They and their work will never be mentioned again on this blog. I'm going to do everything I can to appeal to rational Catholics to tell him to knock it off and if they don't, and this seed germinates, I'm going to be recommending we limit our reaction to prayer and fasting.


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