Monday, June 18, 2018

Take us out and shoot us now!

Is that a bong under the ice cream cone and butterfly?

This outfit isn't complete without a red rubber nose.

A whole lot of questions come to mind when I see a kooky chasuble.

There's a pineapple, soccer ball, ice cream cone, butterfly, tennis racket, puddytat and bow-wow on his person.    

He's lost his marbles.  Does he know where he's going?  Does he intend to transubstantiate?

Because this is not the clothing any sane person would wear on his way to be mystically present at Christ's crucifixion.

They would have enough respect for the relatives of a convicted convict not to walk past them wearing a shirt with ice cream cones on it on the way to the electric chair.  

Mind-boggling irreverence,  impiety and the same old buffoonery as Christ is crucified before us.

Somebody archive this in the museum of ideas as useless to salvation as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

I can see why the pope would choose the Larry Flynt of the priesthood to speak at his family conference...


In a sane world, this theological perversion is what needs to be sanctioned by bishops.

2018 US Bishops Spring Conference - One Only Wishes One Had a Tomato

This years Bishops Spring prom was a First Place Blue Ribbon poop show of all episcopal poop shows.

They planned

1. another publicity stunt at the Mexican border

2. production of political propaganda to keep prolife/pro-God/pro-family/pro-moral theology politicians out of office - 'apply the teachings of Pope Francis to our day'

3. conversations with youth about their favorite Netflix show

Can never get enough of Fr. Wilson's quote from an article titled The Price of my Soul's Salvation: Watching the bishops’ conference in action is like viewing the film of a train wreck over and over again. With bright-colored clowns hanging out the train windows, waving and blowing kisses. One only wishes one had a tomato.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Four Urban Legends of Catholicism.

A few years back, the Archdiocese of Boston announced that every parish was going to be secretly visited by Chancery cronies (hostile to moral theology) to be scored on the culture of 'welcoming'. Banal conduct guidelines were circulated and the faithful experienced a six month period of insufferable behavior from a plethora of priests competing to be profiled in the Pilot as the best religious entertainment performers and freshest donuts in the Archdiocese.

Monsignor Pope's article on the 4 errors to avoid in Proclamation of the Faith sheds light on the follies of creating a culture where the tenets of the Catholic religion is the enemy of 'welcome'.
As in a doctor’s office, welcoming people with warm greetings has its place, but eventually, it’s time to get down to the business of speaking the truth, of warning against sin and summoning to virtue, of calling for repentance and warning of consequences. This is what love does. It speaks the truth and warns of error and the many rabbit holes of half-truths and compromise. Love warns that embracing such things makes salvation difficult—even doubtful.
Monsignor Pope debunks four common excuses given for marginalizing and silencing Church teaching.

1. It isn't welcoming
2. Jesus was welcoming
3. Exhaustive theological dissertations are necessary for people to understand.
4. Not offending people is of utmost importance.
Monsignor Pope brilliantly observes:
Emotional reasoning is a cognitive distortion that holds that mere feelings reveal reality and truth; most often this is a fallacy.
Best thing I ever did for myself was refuse to settle for a parish serving Chicken Soup for the Soul instead of Sanctifying Grace. Don't settle!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Simple Life

Many times over the past year, I've expressed the limitations of time and conflicts that come with being a Catholic blogger in our war with the Romans for the souls of our children. 

It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't firing ammunition every day and twice on Sundays. But they are, and it often feels, at least to me, like there's no time to write about the practice of Catholicism where our feet hit the ground. 

It bothers me there's no time to talk about how to increase our spiritual awareness and ministry in every encounter, our challenges and victories, sharing the guidance of angels and saints, the unbelievable miracles and gifts in the Sacramental life. 

I'm as committed as ever to the victims of trashy catechesis, but at this point, I have to carve out more time to blog about the simple and glorious fiat of Catholicism.   

I want to write more about evangelism and the experiences of bringing Christ's presence to this confused and wounded world.  How to step up our game.   I have the tendency to overcommit and then let the business of life distract me from being spiritually present in every encounter. The paradigm shift of putting encounters front and center and chores and plans in the background takes effort.

Trying to rush through the grocery store yesterday, I noticed the only cashier that didn't have 20 people in it was a gentleman with learning disabilities. He does a great job, but it takes him a little longer and he sometimes says things that are out of context. I finished putting my groceries onto checkout and while pulling out my phone to check social media to kill the boredom of waiting, I had the misfortune of witnessing the customer in front of me being extremely rude to him. She locked eyes with me and attempted to rope me into approving her behavior, but rather than the nudge and wink she expected for her performance, I gave him a compassionate smile and her my best stinkeye.

After she departed in her snit, I went back to reading messages on my phone and he started scanning my groceries. Engrossed in my own life, I didn't notice how shaken up he was until I saw him out of the corner of my eye frantically and awkwardly turning with his arms full of my groceries.

This isn't easy to admit, but engrossed in reading and answering messages, it actually took several seconds of watching him to dawn on me I needed to put the phone down and bail out his boat.

I was able to figure out that he was out of bags and didn't know what to do, so he stood holding groceries when space ran out on the counter. I told him not to worry, grabbed some bags from the cashier beside me and started to bag my groceries. That was enough to get him back on track. He opened up his troubled heart and apologized to me for being slow. He said he felt terrible he can't keep up with others, was aware that people are in a hurry.

I did my best to mend his broken heart, refresh his confidence and encourage him, but it was another wake up call for how easily I let distractions keep me from tuning into the people around me, especially while traveling to plans and destinations.  It reminded me of the old saying that life is what happens while we are trying to carry out our plans.

My failures were on my mind as I spent a long, magnificent, fun and joyful day with my grandchildren. The keen instincts of children to tune into our heart stood out more than usual. A long day without naps, my grandson copped an attitude. I told him not to talk to me that way and reminded him about all the fun things we did that day. My granddaughter, thinking my feelings may have been hurt, blurted out that she loved me!  When a two-year-old outshines you, it's time to kick it up a few notches.

It's a blessing to be able to keep constant conversations going with friends and family, and social media can be a magnificent tool in our service to Christ, but it bares watching.    And sometimes changing.

I think twitter is going to be a huge political tool, especially in the next POTUS election. I've just joined twitter, and with the blog and facebook, I have to figure out the right rhythm to serve God and His people to the best of my abilities. It felt like the right time to bite the bullet and make some changes with content of the blog.

Frank Walker at Canon212 does a great job aggregating all the problems, supporting Catholics trying to right wrongs who help victims of spiritual abusers. Not enough people in that vineyard, so I'll be supporting too, but spending more blog time writing about the simple life where faith gets put into practice.

Grant me grace, O merciful God, 
to desire ardently all that is pleasing to Thee, 
to examine it prudently, 
to acknowledge it truthfully, 
and to accomplish it perfectly, 
for the praise and glory of Thy Name.

Digging It.