Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Get the popcorn and lemonade. We're about to see a circus.

The USCCB has issued a statement saying they are convening to address their "moral failures".

Send in the clowns.

Here's why practicing Catholics know this effort is just more smoke and mirrors: This is the world in which we live. The same reasons this pastor-pervert is still sleeping in his bed in the rectory, the World Meeting of Families is saturated with promoters of homosexual sex, these are the same reasons McCarrick was sheltered and protected by Bishops.

If they want to show us they're going to do something about the cause of sexual debauchery within the ranks of the ordained, a good start would be yanking Fr. James Martin from the World Meeting of Families.  (please sign petition!)

Episcopal publicity stunts are only making Catholics madder.

First, they knew bishops were sexual abusing, so they licensed their own sexual debauchery by excluding themselves from the Dallas Charter. They deliberately protected sexual abuse of bishops. Now that they're caught red-handed, they announce they're convening to discuss 'the right course of action'.

Give us a break.

What's needed now is to beat them to the punch with a bullet list of 'the right course of action'.

They can start by publishing a list of names of priests and bishops they're protecting.

Make another list of every man ordained, from priest to Pope, who has ever promoted homosexual sex or failed to teach moral theology and laicize them.

Then dissolve the USCCB.

That would be getting somewhere.   Clean the episcopal swamp.

What is troublesome about this statement is its reference to past tense, as if the USCCB isn't currently, in this hour, loaded with sexual predators.  But we all know it is, and the "action plan" of laity is to scorch the earth if they are not voluntarily flushed out.


  1. Even the scum among the clergy cannot miss the whole scale destruction that this Pontificate is spreading knowingly and completely willingly.

    Since relatively few are saying anything, this makes it clear that the entire priesthood is overwhelmingly scum.

    The laity must take over.

    Unless they do, the Catholic Church is completely finished, barring the return of Jesus, Himself in the flesh.

    I could care less about the history of the Church being run by the Pope. Those days must be gone. The Pope must answer to a solid group of laymen. Period.



    1. Karl, The overwhelming number of priests are teaching and administering the Sacraments! They are bigger victims of the perverts than any of us could ever imagine or want to realize.

      The answers are not decapitating Christ’s Mystical Body. Stay tuned!

  2. THat's just what Voice of the Faithful said. Look where they wanted to lead.

  3. USCCB has been a serious problem since its creation. No surprise there, as Cdl. Bernardin was the principal actor in forming USCC. All it's been ever since is a convenient and well-funded place to employ dozens of "social justice warriors" with semi- or non-Catholic agendas. And--by no co-incidence--the operating manual is Alinsky-ite. Chicago connection, ya'know.

    There's lots of proof available through C.U.F. publications.

    The larger problem is 'what to do with the homosexuals.' One suspects that the homosex-priest (and Bishop) population has a distribution curve with 20% being very active predatory conspirators, 20% who are chaste despite huge temptations, and the balance who go along to get along with occasional violations of chastity but with no malevolent 'networking' activity.

    The trick is to preserve as many as possible of the chaste ones and the 'go-along' ones--and to put the bad guys on their own island someplace......


    1. Agree!

      But I’m of the opinion that celibate priests have never done or said anything that would put them into the position they would get swept away with clerical sexual predators.

      All these things are important to talk about, so that we approach the resolution prudently!

    2. Don't forget the very real possibility of slander. This bunch is perfectly willing to make up stories. Happens all the time (see, e.g., the "Russia" stuff in DC, particularly the lies told about a Foley & Lardner lawyer in that town.)

      So while the Good Guys are, indeed, good, we will have trouble discerning that with 100% certainty.

    3. Ohh yes! They use slander all the time. One of their best diversionary tactics!


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