Monday, August 13, 2018

If You Tell, We Will Crush You

This is a quote from Richard Sipe’s 2016 Letter to Bishop McElroy, referencing an example of how the sexual abuse network protects its impenetrability with intimidation, secrecy and threats.

I never really trusted Richard Sipe. His advocacy of homosexual sex was a complete contradiction to the damages he gathered about its fruits.  There was an agenda I could not put my finger on, but theological acceptance of homosexual seduction and sex would result in more victims, so his baby was thrown out with the swamp he tried to bathe us all in.

His recently released 2016 letter expressed his observation that sexual patterns are set up in seminaries or early years after ordination when sexual experimentation is initiated or sustained.  He describes a geneology of consensual clerical sex that is endemic to the highest corridors of the Vatican.  The sexual escapades of hierarchs threatens scandal of exposure when and if they initiate any attempts to curtail other clerics.

He is sure right about that!  There is simply no other explanation.

Coupled with the inability to verify sex between consensual adults, the limitations of guidance of the 8th Commandment and the sincere desires not to impose harm to the Mystical Corpus of Christ, it's a perfect storm for the abuse of power.

Recent revelations that McCarrick's debauchery involved more than consensual sex, and disturbing allegations at St John's Seminary reminded me of information Fr. Bill Scanlan shared almost 20 years ago.

Fr. Bill was falsely accused priest from Boston whose vocation involved working with troubled youths in parish and residential care settings.  He worked with the Department of Youth Services, at a residential treatment center called the Pilgrim Center, Long Island Hospital, Bridgewater State Hospital and an after-care program called Home For Now.  He was a whistleblower when gay network compromised the safety of troubled youth and was convinced false allegations were used against him to take him out of roles where he would observe suspicious conduct and whistleblow.  He was completely reinstated, his innocence verifiable and undeniable.     But, the process exposed a lot of corruption.

Though he had little proof, Fr. Bill was extremely suspicious of the gay network of Boston clergy.  He felt the culture was incestuous, that it's members and enablers were appointed to Chancery and seminary staff and up the ranks.  Not exclusively, but there were enough participants to keep whistleblowing from having any impact.     He was deeply concerned they were poaching victims from the seminary and apostolates ministering to troubled youth.

"I see the seminary (a scene for some quieted abuse cases between faculty & students), the Chancery and Catholic Charities as central to a lot of this.  Key players float around these offices...Seminary rector's get moved to #2 positions...accused priests end up with Chancery positions (Curley, Surrete, Lane and Shanley)"

I am beside myself that 20 years has passed and its still going on.

Fr Bill was suspicious that victims were passed around networks in the diocese and some perhaps crossed over state lines.  He said "One day a black shiny car driven by Monsignor Fred Ryan dropped off McCarrick's nephew for residency and treatment".

What would a victim of McCarrick’s be doing in a Boston priest’s car?

Fred Ryan's allegations also include taking pornographic pictures of his victim and sharing those pics with other predators, including McCarrick.

How would a monsignor in one state have the audacity to contact a bishop in another state and say "take a look at these porn pictures I took of teens this weekend", without some kind of pedophile ring structure?     It's not information one would share unless one knew the recipient would take pleasure in them, instead of calling the police.

There are huge pieces of this puzzle missing and it all needs to be investigated.

Fr. Scanlan also duly noted, astoundingly, that nearly all of the priests who formed the association called Boston's Priest Forum were rumoured to be sexually-active homosexuals.  He worried about underlying motives and dangers.

The refusal to acknowledge the relationship between sexually active homosexual priests, abuse of power, blackmail as the substance that must be uprooted has given predators 20 more years of victims.   This is the end of the road. Richard Sipe cites statistics that 50% of priests and bishops are sexually active.   I don't know where he got those statistics but every single one of them has got to be laicized, along with their enablers.

Fr. Bill was scared of them.   He truly thought that in addition to using their power to obstruct and discourage heterosexual priests from ordination, or destroy the careers of those who somehow made it through, he felt part of the reason the network survives is, they are capable of murder.     He was suspicious some unexpected deaths in the priesthood were actually murders.

They sure did a number on his vocation.   And I'm sure countless others.

I used to laugh when he would tell us, "I would never throw my salvation away by commiting suicide.   If that's how I'm found, they did it!"

The episcopal rot manifesting itself around McCarrick's insidious behavior, I've stopped laughing.


  1. Wasn't there a story that Andrew Greeley -- no great shakes as a priest himself -- let it be known that he'd collected information about the lavender mafia in Chicago and had it stored in a safe place, just in case. After he died some hoped the information would be released, but it never was.

  2. Anon, did he? I don’t know much about Greeley. Will have to do some diligence.

  3. "We will crush you....."

    About 10 years ago, a priest of the Madison (WI) diocese (Fr. Al Kunz) was murdered in his parish school late at night. It has been rumored ever since that it was a hit job ordered by the lavender mafia, as Fr. Kunz was in touch with Fr. John Hardon and was naming names.

    And yes, I've heard the same atory about Greeley, but with the twist that if he came to a sudden end through murder, he had arranged for the release of the file. Who knows?

    1. Yep, he was certain Kunz was killed by the pervert ring. Along with one or two others whose “suicides” were extremely suspicious to him!

  4. "...accused priests end up with Chancery positions (Curley, Surrete, Lane and Shanley)" When I read "Curley," I half expected to read next "Larry, and Moe."

  5. And you did all see the Quest Conference online header right? This is their answer to all this boy diddling and coverup, they go nuclear and make their pederasty plain. Check out the header on Joseph Sciambra's site, you'll see a conference where Jim Martin and his gay pals are speaking, or spoke, and the header features two hands, a boy's and a man's, flirtatiously walking toward each other, over a James Martin "bridge" of a child's blocks. There is a gay flag and a Vatican flag. They are saying, we are going to rape boys and there's nothing you can do about it. Feeling completely confident, and this just after the McCarrick disease was exposed.
    Seriously, these men are perverts, completely twisted, and someone needs to confront them about the meaning of this header, just to make them squirm, although I do think they are getting blatantly out there with their goal of boy raping. This header makes it clear. It's now called "minor attracted", and it is the next wave of poor victims who need our understanding.
    In the old west they used to say "hangings too good for em". That fits.


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