Sunday, September 2, 2018

Pope Announces Emergency Situation that Calls for Concrete Action

Plastic bottles are floating in the ocean

Environmental protection is a priority of his papacy.
Not our children.

 Not our seminarians.

 Not the Deposit of Faith.

 Not the salvation of our souls.

 The emergency is 'plastic' in the ocean.

 I couldn't agree more with Fr. Longenecker who writes that "We are looking at a Lame Duck Papacy". That's the best Pope Francis could hope for...

 I don't get the feeling people are going to let him get away with it.  But, it appears he'll keep trying to go this course and as a result, more and more people will be inspired to whistleblow other stories of corruption.

 strategy is being unanimously across in the gay mafioso. The New York Times reporters tried to reach every bishop accused in Archbishop Vigano's testimony and they all refused to respond or answer.

 And so, we must pour more gasoline on the fire of justice.

 I feel sorry they don't want to come to terms with our commitment for real reform.

 Each day that passes and each stupid attempt to distract us from the purging of spiritual and sexual predators only serves to make people more angry.

 Don't forget - if you are in the Archdiocese of Boston and they read Archbishop O'Malley's PR statement today, please call out Archbishop Vigano's name which is pronounced VEEGANo. At least once at the end of the PR statement!


  1. I was all set to do so at today's Mass but it wasn't read. During the visiting priest's homily, he repeatedly said how upset and disgusted the priests were with the bishops' and cardinals' behavior. Then said that not all bishops are bad. There are good ones and then said, "And Cardinal Sean is one of the good ones" I was with him until that.

  2. Let's not push Fr. Z. out of the fold. He's one of ours. He is right, it is VigaNO, although they say VEE-gah-NOOOOO...I hope I'm faithful enough to yell it to our Bishop if given the chance. I'm considering beginning and ending every comment I post with Vigano.

  3. There is one and only one way to correctly pronounce the name. It's with accent on first syllable, hard g, as follows: VEE-gah-noh. If in doubt, ask an Italian. Fr Z for once is wrong. Accent 1st syllable, hard g:


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