Friday, August 31, 2018

Fr. James Martin Claims Priests who Identify Themselves by Their Sins Don't Commit Them

Martin tweet:

"If you doubt the intense hatred for gay priests (and as I say in the piece I mean celibate gay priests and chaste members of religious orders), how often people assume they are all abusers, and the virulent homophobia in the church, just read some of the comments below."
He's upset that the 55 years of insurrection of gay priests purging Catholic teaching and those who teach it has flipped to the counter-insurrection of purging gay priests.

 His claim is, priests who identify as 'gay', have been teaching Catholics gay sex is a 'sacrament', encouraging gay marriage, counseling children to submit themselves to gays who sexually seduce them - priests who have never once taught the only response to same sex temptation is celibacy and use of the Sacraments to rebuke those temptations - have been keeping a tremendous secret: They are celibate themselves!

 If a priest identifies himself as a gay priest, he is conveying that he has acted on gay sex temptation in the past, has gay sex temptations at present and may act on it in the future. He has assumed gay sex into his identity.

 No other priests identify themselves by their temptations and sins. You don't see priests referring to themselves as "opposite sex priest" or "fornicating priest" or "pornography priest" or "thieving priest" or "drunk priest".

 The idea that a priest would call himself a gay priest and not be acting upon it, is about as believable as a priest who calls himself a 'knitting priest' who doesn't knit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

BCI Report on Cardinal O'Malley Coddling of Boston Homosexual Clergy Network

The first part of BCI's report was published earlier today

I've lived through most of these experiences, but reading the details at this time in the Church that makes the belligerence and audacity more infuriating.

How would a 'happy porn writing sodomite' have such intimate knowledge of Fr. Fleming and his sex life?   How could this sexually intimate knowledge be published in a porn book and the Cardinal not follow up on it?

Imagine brazenly defending the conduct of homosexual erudites by telling victims  they are doing an extraordinary job in education, the pews and loaded and the stuff they say has your full support as Cardinal Archbishop?

I've also experienced the phenomenon mentioned in BCI's report when Cardinal O'Malley ties the hands of pastors, priests in the chancery and auxilliary bishops.   The exasperation expressed has been a familiar conversation.

You have to wonder if the reasons for the coddling are revealed in Tornielli's Machiavellian defense of Pope Francis, i.e., victims of homosexual priest predators are over the age of 18, and therefore it's not a serious matter.     The Holy Father knowingly giving a swanky Vatican apartment for drug-fueled homosexual orgies makes the approval of over-18 sexual abuse a plausible explanation.

Cardinal O'Malley has prepared a statement which will be read at parishes this weekend.   It has all the buzzwords.  He speaks of a lack of transparent systems, pastoral accountability, clerical sins and clerical failures.  He tells us the pope is 'on our side'.  Those who suffer are his priority and he wants to listen to us to root out 'the tragic horror that destroys the lives of the innocent'.

Who is "us" and "our side"?

The only evidence we have of record points to sexual and theological perverts.   Here's another article disclosing Pope Francis meetings at the Vatican with culture warriors of gay marriage and telling them how appreciative he is over their project to spiritually defile youth.
In July, Pope Francis sent a three-page letter “blessing” and endorsing a Catholic ethics conference co-organized by Jesuit Father James Keenan, a public promoter of same-sex “marriage.” The conference featured many feminist and pro-LGBT speakers. 
“I have appreciated this effort of yours from the beginning, when the members of your planning committee visited me in the Vatican last March,” Pope Francis wrote. 
One of the many pro-LGBT speakers at that conference was Father Charles Curran, a long-time dissident priest, especially concerning the teaching of Humanae Vitae. A promoter of homosexuality, he finally lost his teaching faculties in the 1980s.

One of quotes from the speakers at the conference:

 “we, as queer and LGBTIA-identified Catholics” often “find that our lives and our loves are denounced both formally and informally in diocesan newspapers and during Catholic homilies.."  
Is building a bridge to gay sex and marriage the "we" and "us" and "our" Cardinal O'Malley is talking about?

Because the Holy Father has made crystal clear he has no intention to listen or talk about rooting out the tragic horror of the destruction of Curran, Keenan, Unni or Flemming or Garrity or Wuerl or Nighty Nights Tobin or Cupich or Bertone or Sandri or Filoni or Sodano or Parolin or Leveda or Ouellette or Baldisseri or Montinari or Becciu or Lajolo or Mamberti or Coccopalmerio or Paglia or Obrien or Martino or Bootkoski or Myers or Farrell - et. al.

His non-response to the other "us", is a response.   And it is a powerful one.

What Cardinal O'Malley fails to realize is, there two teams of "us" working on complete opposite "rooting out of tragic horrors" and the time for reconciliation has passed.  We are done.    They've been rooting out faithful Catholics for 60 years.   Archbishop Vigano has led the offense in a duel to the death.

Perhaps every parish where this statement about nothing is read, is a gentle chant of Vigano! Vigano! Vigano! 

That ought to get the message through!

Cupich: Say your pwayers wabbits. It's hunting season in Wome

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours.

  Cupich has given an interview that caricatures allegations of a coup in the Church by perverts and their enablers as a 'rabbit hole' and said "we" - all the cacas named in Archbishop Vigano's testimony - have decided the strategem is to ignore the allegations and run a PR campaign with stories about the weather and opening up US borders to illegal immigrants.

 He also pulled a phony race card, claiming the Holy Father - who has a bloodline that is 100% Italian - is hated because he self-identifies as a Latino.  The Rachel Dolezal of the Holy See.    I saw a meme of a picture of Cupich that said "They hate Pope Francis because he is Latino and they hate me because I'm black".  LOL.

Also in the news - the Catholic News Service tried to pull a stunt.   Instead of tracking down and getting accused to confirm or deny allegations, they tried to use a video of Archbishop Viganò recognizing McCarrick's presence with a ceremonial mention at a gala and dates and times when McCarrick continued to abuse power and people after his faculties were stripped.

This does nothing to prove their innocence.

All the comments on social media saw right through it and directed them back to getting answers from the accused, including Pope Francis.   Distraction is a resource of the guilty and their enablers.  Let's make sure our social media presence leads them right back to the questions.

Speaking of responses - Cardinal Wuerl released a lawyered-up wordsmythed statement denying Archbishop Viganò 'communicated' the sanctions imposed on McCarrick.
Archbishop Viganò has not produced in his testimony any objectively verifiable proof that he in any way communicated to Cardinal Wuerl restrictions imposed on Cardinal McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI. In fact, Archbishop Viganò’s testimony says that he did not.
So then everyone is in agreement.  Why mention it?

 What Archbishop Viganò said was, it was crystal clear Wuerl already knew and based upon that knowledge and the discussion with Archbishop Viganò, Wuerl immediately took action, cancelling the advertisement inviting seminary candidates to meet with McCarrick.

If the action following the conversation with Archbishop Viganò, confirms information was exchanged that changed McCarrick's ability to use the Archdiocese of Washington to advertise for more sex partners for his orgies.

Wuerl's statement also states that no victim came to him directly.

What Wuerl's statement doesn't say is, he already knew McCarrick was a rapist and at the time of his meeting with Archbishop Viganò, he didn't already know McCarrick was sanctioned.

Another item in the news sources close to Pope Francis say he has no intention of resigning.

You can see the pattern emerging.   They can't deny the substance of the testimony.   They don't know how many other witnesses to events will come forward and make liars out of them.   

The Holy Father has chosen to ignore the allegations that he ignores the raping and perversion.

The Holy Father ignored the sexual debauchery of Battista Ricca, Francesco Coccopalmerio, Vincenzo Paglia, Timothy Radcliffe,  Oscar Maradiaga and a host of others.  He reversed the defrocking of pedophile priest pervert Mauro Inzolli.   He reduced sanctions for other pedophile priests.

So lifting sanctions and promoting McCarrick is consistent with his policies.

And a breaking story: Pope Francis dismissed Muller for following canons on abuse cases.

And this breaking story: Pope knowingly gave Vatican Apartment to gay priest later caught in cocaine-fueled orgy.

With time they will realize:  The more they dig in, the bigger and louder and uglier this will get.

Get out and let the purification commence.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Archbishop Viganò Fled for His Life

A personal account of how +Viganò turned over his Memo to an Italian journalist is up at Fr. Z's.    The weight of corruption must have been horrendous.   

We could all see the rotten fruit of this papacy - but never in our wildest imagination could we dare confirm this surreal narrative.   The Holy Father knowingly merited and rewarded the dirty scoundrels who poison our people with filth and sin.   He deliberately picked a pervert and rapist to help him hand-pick like-minded prelates for future generations.  It turns out Malachia Martin is non-fiction.

We hoped he was caught in some kind of diabolical stupidity or naivete.

I can't imagine the torture of watching it all unfold.  The journalist describes his observations of +Viganò walking through living hell and coming to terms with what he must do for the purification of the Church.   

He's fled for his life from the ravenous wolves who protected their sick sex cult by killing Fr. Kunz as a testimony to what will happen to anyone who dares to expose them.

I pray +Viganò is consoled by the chilling timing of this week's Scripture readings.   Whatever happens, God Himself has instigated war with his fury.   Thy Will be Done.

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it - which is not good as I have to rally for a day at an amusement park!

The squeezola now is forcing bishops to choose a side.     We've taken sniper attacks for 50 years and mortal wounds for the last 5 of this papacy, but the first shots from our side have been fired.  The time has come to force them into revealing which army they are fighting for and against.

I was thinking of St. John Bosco's dream of the two columns over the past few days.

“Breaking through all resistance, the new Pope steers his ship safely between the two columns and moors it to the two columns; first to the one surmounted by the Host, and then to the other, topped by the statue of the Virgin. At this point something unexpected happens. The enemy ships panic and disperse, colliding with and scuttling each other. Some auxiliary ships which had gallantly fought alongside their flagship are the first to tie up at the two columns. “Many others, which had fearfully kept far away from the fight, stand still, cautiously waiting until the wrecked enemy ships vanish under the waves. Then, they too head for the two columns, tie up at the swinging hooks, and ride safe and tranquil beside their flagship. A great calm now covers the sea.” And in conclusion to this dream: “Very grave trials await the Church. What we have suffered so far is almost nothing compared to what is going to happen. The enemies of the Church are symbolized by the ships which strive their utmost to sink the flagship. Only two things can save us in such a grave hour: devotion to Mary and frequent Communion. Let us do our very best to use these two means and have others use them everywhere.”
The new pope is not Pope Francis as he certainly has not been steering the ship to moor at Church teaching, but the war has begun.

 Yesterday, Cupcich fired sniper bullets towards +Viganò and as he did so, he asked for 'peace'.

 Most of us will say, we are very much at peace. Finally, at peace.

 As I read +Viganò torment, I pray he knows each of us has shared his anguish over what to do to stop it.   At long last, a warrior of God has stepped forward and blew the horn to begin the war.    Are we ever ready.

 I'm not a fan of any big-ass dog and pony show investigations.

 We already know the names of the culprits. I'm for making a list and telling them to get out.

 Just get out. Resign and laicize and let us put holy people in place who will teach our children our religion. That solves everything.

 If they don't voluntarily resign, I'm for involving private investigators and the FBI to force them. 

Nighty Nights Baby is on the top of my list.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Shady Bunch

From facebook - hat tip to wherever it came from!

Pope Francis Response to Archbishop Viganò's Testimony: I'm Taking the Fifth. All Lechers Shelter in Place

Has anyone made heads or tails out of this?

Do I have this right?

He has commissioned secular journalists to figure out if its true, because they are "mature".    Once he reads the spin in the newspapers he will make a decision on whether he should..make a statement.   Meanwhile, all lechers will shelter in place.

Am I missing anything?

The recurring theme in his policies seems to be, when faced with wrongdoing and error, I shall choose to be obstinate and protect the status quo with omissions.

This is exactly how the perverts are given the space to terrorize, groom and abuse.

I highly recommend reading actual contents of +Vigano's actual letter,    Don't just read articles. Taking the time to read it needs to be on the top of everyone's priority list. 

His testimony is embedded in this article.

 Even if you were unaware of Archbishop Vigano's hands on work while US Nuncio, anyone reading it that's been involved in evangelism or catechesis of our families and people has already deliberated.  The verdict is in: guilty, beyond all reasonable doubt.

Our families have been victimized by these people.  We've all written hundreds of letters ourselves about the fruit of their poisonous tree.

I can't state enough how important the past 20 years of sending letters to chanceries and up the chain of command has determined where the camps are, who is in them , who is enabling them, who is scared of them and who is doing what they can to fight against them.

The Holy Father needs to come to terms with the truth.   As US Nuncio, when all avenues with cronies at the chanceries was exhausted, we followed protocol and sent the information on serious theological problems to Archbishop Viganò.   His credibility has already been tried and tested.  It is impeccable.

He's named names and events which people are now on the hot seat to man up and verify.

The wheels are coming off of the bus.    Monsignor Lantheaume has verified factual information in +Vigano's testimony.

“Viganò said the truth. That’s all,” he wrote to CNA.

It is critical that each one of us, at this moment, give public witness.  Whether a mother, a father, a priest, a bishop, a cardinal, anyone and everyone mentioned in the testimony -- the time has come to make a public statement.

Cardinal Wuerl issued a denial yesterday.   But as the parties start to come forward, he is backtracking and sheltering in place.

Archbishop Vigano added names to the list.   As the network participants are revealed, its important to keep the roll call updated.    I'm working on an updated list which will be added to this post.

Immittet angelus Domini in circuitu timentium eum, et eripiet eos; gustate et videte, quoniam suavis est Dominus.  (The angel of the Lord shall enamp around those who fear him, and shall deliver them.  Taste and see how good is the Lord.)

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Church Militant Going Crazed Vigilante

Over the past couple of days, Church Militant has been running videos of an individual confronting people like a crazed vigilante. Here's todays:

 This lunatic conduct needs to be condemned. Swiftly condemned.

 Yesterdays was some poor priest who breathed the same air as McCarrick. The priest showed remarkable virtue. When he reached out to the Blessed Mother in prayer, he was mocked.

 Listen, owning an iphone does not make you a reporter.

This guy needs to get himself into a state of sanctifying grace and sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament for a couple of hours to cool his jets.  And there is nobody at Church Militant who has the wherewithall to do it.

I tried to speak to CM staff and was appalled by their conduct and defense of the indefensible. This is not the first time.

  A few weeks ago, they were trying to claim Bill Donohue was guilty of protecting McCarrick's pedophilia. There's enough substance to gripe about Bill Donohue without resorting to the bizarre claim that people privy to rumors about McCarricks consensual orgies are culpable for McCarrick's misdeeds.

 Ladies and gentlemen - we cannot go down this rabbit hole.

 No Catholic of good will should have anything to do with any apostolate who advocates and carries out assaults on women, children and priests - or for that matter, bishops or popes.

 If this is where this movement is going, I'm out. I wan't nothing to do with a movement that treats Catholic priests and lay people like this.

 They've lost their ever-loving minds!

UPDATE:  The comments from Church Militant staff on Christine Nile's Facebook page advocate lunatic aggressive and threatening confrontations based upon the rash presumption employees of the Church and priests are all pimps involved in cover ups for perverts.

Every Catholic of good will should condemn this insidious strategem and disassociate themselves from the apostolate.    We need this like we need a hole in the head.

Archbishop Viganò Just Flushed the Throne

Yesterday, the internet was buzzing when the Holy Father used the word 'sh*t' to describe people who cover up abuse.
According to victims who took part, Francis condemned corruption and cover-up within the Church, using the Spanish word caca that was translated by a papal interpreter as “filth one sees in a toilet.” A literal translation would be “shit.”
Last night, just about the time everyone in the US was settling into bed with their pajamas, Archbishop Viganò flushed the potty.

 A few things before the substance of +Viganò's letter.

 It's a fair estimate to say that in the US, at minimum, a hundred thousand Catholics have been writing letters about theological shenanigans of gay prelates in their diocese for over two decades.

Each one of us has written an average of a hundred letters to various people in the hierarchy, all the way to Rome. Some of us have written much more than a hundred.

Consequently, we are very familiar with all the characters.

 We have first hand experience in the identification of whose actions protected gay priests by omission and commission and whose responses and actions ended something scandalous.

 As someone who reached out to Archbishop Viganò at least 50 times during his tenure as Nuncio for theological and ethical problems, he was a hands-on Nuncio who appropriately responded to complaints and acted on corruption.   He did not stop to pat every dog that barked, but his intercession could be counted upon when serious situations developed.  He took his job seriously, followed through and did everything within his ability to stop bad behavior.

 And all one hundred thousand of us know it.   We have all worked with him.    He's proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, that his loyalty is to Truth and Christ.

 So, any attempt by the gay cabal and their enablers to smear +Viganò's reputation with lies will convict such persons as either part of the network of gay sexual abusers or an enabler.   If one is an enabler, there is a reason for it.

So, a word to the wise: Upon such identification, laity will zealously pursue the reasons why such persons have an interest in mitigating truth by lying about Archbishop Viganò's credibility or testimony. 

Let's all pray that this starts the avalanche of others who made personal efforts and informed the Holy Father of the sexual and theological debauchery of the people and ideas he was foisting upon the Mystical Body of Christ.

As to the substance of +Viganò's report, the most compelling thing is, all of US nuncios had been informing Pope Benedict and Pope Francis of McCarrick's sexual lechery.  Pope Benedict XVI had imposed sanctions on McCarrick, stripped him of faculties and moved him from his plumb location for hand-picking victims at the seminary.    The sanctions were not enforced by the corrupt people around Pope Benedict XVI, but Pope Benedict did attempt to do the right thing.

When Pope Francis was made aware of McCarrick's vile sexual depravity, including sacrilegious celebration of the Eucharist, Pope Francis REVERSED Pope Benedict XVI sanctions, appointed him as counselor and adviser.

Archbishop Viganò implicates others in the coverup, including Wuerl, whose denials he called "laughable".

In his written statement, Viganò then outlined his understanding of how, despite the allegations against him, McCarrick came to be appointed Archbishop of Washington D.C. in 2000 and how his misdeeds were covered up. His statement implicates Cardinals Angelo Sodano, Tarcisio Bertone and Pietro Parolin and he insists various other cardinals and bishops were well aware, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl, McCarrick’s successor as archbishop of Washington D.C. 
“I myself brought up the subject with Cardinal Wuerl on several occasions, and I certainly didn’t need to go into detail because it was immediately clear to me that he was fully aware of it,” he wrote.

This is devastating:

 At a private meeting a few days later, Archbishop Viganò said the Pope asked him “‘What is Cardinal McCarrick like?’” to which the archbishop replied: “He corrupted generations of seminarians and priests and Pope Benedict ordered him to withdraw to a life of prayer and penance.” The former nuncio said he believes the Pope’s purpose in asking him was to “find out if I was an ally of McCarrick or not.”
Insight on the Pope's reaction to incriminating news at WaPo.
He corrupted generations of seminarians and priests and Pope Benedict ordered him to withdraw to a life of prayer and penance,” Viganò says he told Francis. “The Pope did not make the slightest comment about those very grave words of mine and did not show any expression of surprise on his face, as if he had already known the matter for some time, and he immediately changed the subject.”
Very incriminating.

Thus, the question "why" Pope Francis surrounded himself with gay bishops and cardinals and purged faithful ones from Rome is finally answered.   Our worst suspicions are confirmed.

Pope Francis was aware the people he was empowering were connected to a network of gay prelates who groomed victims, theologically and physically, for sexual abuse.   For five years, he has been promoting these prelates and their ideas to our children, and telling them our warnings about these individuals is vicious.  He sought the counsel of the most sexually perverted prelate in the US see to help him stack his see with like-minded people.

More on this developing story later as I'm heading to the 10:45 Mass, but mark my words: The day has arrived when all the sh*ts at the synod will wish they used Amoris Laetitiae as toilet paper.

UPDATE as I'm walking out the door...Bishop Strickland of the diocese of Tyler, called +Vigano's testimony "credibile" and is calling for an investigation of Pope Francis and others named in +Vigano's report.

Next steps may be forcing each of the bishops of our see to take a side? 

The question I keep asking myself is, really, how active was McCarrick in Pope Francis elevation to the See of Peter?  In light of what is now being exposed, this is a legitimate question of the validity of his papacy.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fr. Martin is the bigot

Several years ago, there was a big doctrinal dust up in a Catholic school. 

There was nothing extraordinary about the dust up, its like all the others we experience.   You know the routine.  Somebody who objects to Church teaching had a melt down when it was taught and orders were issued by hierarchs to stop teaching it.

Catholics working two jobs so they can keep their children away from the sexual grooming in government schools and have a curriculum consistent with what the Church teaches and what we teach at home, are robbed.  Sending Catholic children to Catholic schools can do more damage than sending them to public schools.

The incident involved two lesbians who didn't want anyone in the school to be taught the lifestyle they've chosen is a habitual state of mortal sin which leads to hell.   So they went to the press and Cardinal O'Malley, as he has consistently done in the past, issued orders that the lifestyle the two lesbians were living be affirmed, Church teaching be silenced and all the other children in the school - hundreds - be deprived of Catholic moral teaching.

This one incident affected thousands of practicing Catholics.    And there are millions of incidents just like it in every Catholic apostolate, parish and school.

How - and more importantly why, did we let the narrative become gays are being excluded?   Practicing Catholics are the people being discriminated against and excluded.

This outstanding article by Robert Royal charitably explains the 'exclusionary' culture inside and outside of the Catholic Church.
Fr. Martin, again from what people told me of the session, was quite brilliant in weaving stories about people feeling pain and rejection because of their sexual desires. But that, too, is a different thing, of course. It’s clever to speak of “feeling excluded” in democratic societies, because one of the modern nation-state’s claims to legitimacy is that it both includes and values all people, is more universal than the Universal Church itself. 
That claim is quite doubtful, as numbers of traditional Christians who have been told to keep quiet or lost jobs – in business, the military, even government – might attest. But again, pace Fr. Martin, traditional Christianity is not hate or bias or exclusion of persons. To say that really is a diversionary tactic to avoid facing the main question: Judging whether actsare right or wrong is precisely what it means for us to be beings that are so constituted as to need to make moral choices. 
The sentimentality that has entered the Church as a whole, however, combined with the modern obsession with feelings rather than truth simply overwhelms such simple and obvious distinctions.
Maybe the trajectory at this point is to mirror their strategy of telling the stories of what gay priests and bishops have been doing to faithful Catholic families.    I once had a basement full of letters Catholics sent me describing outrageous conduct.   It was overwhelming, especially for my children.

The stories documented papertrail notifications to the Chancery and all the way to Rome, so everyone from Cardinal O'Malley to Pope Francis knows faithful Catholic families are the targets of discrimination.

Heads are spinning in chanceries, wondering why the vigilantes are back banging on their doors.   The real answer is, the election of a pope who heralds and advances the bigots.   It was the final straw.

We want our faith taught/affirmed in our schools, seminaries, parishes and apostolates.    Gays and feminists who reject Church teaching, narcissist priests and bishops focused on money and advancement have been stopping that from happening. 

Perhaps having central places on the internet exclusively dedicated to aggregating and re-exposing these stories will be the gasoline we need on the burning fires.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Pope Francis HomoHeresy Family Fest

Maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm really surprised how homosexual the agenda is at Pope Francis World Meeting of Families.

I knew all the homosexual bishops and priests were running it, but never in a million years did I think it would be so openly gay. 

Fr. James Marin urges Catholics to 'examine attitudes' towards gay Catholics.

 Why isn't he asking gay Catholics to examine their attitudes towards Church teaching and those who want their families to hear and practice it?

  Instead, he recommends priests stop leading homosexual Catholics to refrain from their sinful desires with the help of the Sacraments and start "listening" to homosexuals who reject Church teaching.

Parishes, he said, should strive to listen to LGBT parishioners — “trust that the Holy Spirit will guide them in their formation as Christians and Catholics,” rather than “simply repeating Church teaching without considering their lived experience.”
He's asking priests to let the witness of the Church teaching be homosexuals who reject Church teaching and pursue the life of a habitual state of mortal sin.

 I don't want to give them any ideas, but if that's the case, why isn't Fr. Martin recommending Catholics "examine attitudes" and 'consider' the lived experience of people who enjoy pornography?

After all, there are active Catholics priests who 'live the experience' of giving teens porn and condoms      Why isn't Fr. Martin incorporating these 'invitations' into his presentations?

Pope Francis has also given Martin the audience and tools to recommend homosexuals who openly reject Church teaching and live in a habitual state of mortal sin be made Eucharistic Ministers.

 Why doesn't Fr. Martin advocate inviting Eucharistic Ministers who masturbate?

 Why isn't there a presentation at Pope Francis World Meeting of Families on "Showing welcome and respect for sadomasichists and their families"?

Of course, we all know the answers to these questions.  But, the fact that the Holy Father is even going to this homosexual theological orgy shows you how far the devil has advanced in the minds of the episcopal see.

 I believe mystery of why Cardinal Sean decided this would be the week he would sit down and read 12 years of mail piled up on his desk has been solved.

An absolute dis-Grace and infuriating.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Body of Fall River Priest Fr. William Costello Found in Texas, FBI Takes Over Case

Is a RICO investigation already underway?

I've been following this bizarre story for a couple of days, chiefly because Fr. Costello's vocation had been surrounded with gay controversies which the diocese of Fall River swept under the rug. 

I was under the impression Fr. Costello had been laicized after  Rhode Island police 'investigated' a complaint.  Sources indicate the kerfluffle involved a sexual relationship with a young man he met at rest stop which turned sour and parish funds were being used as hush money.   But, he apparently was a priest in good standing at the time of his untimely death.

 Recent statements from the diocese indicate no charges were filed and the case was not prosecuted.
No charges were filed against Costello at any time during the investigation or at its completion, the Diocese said. Kearns declined Monday to elaborate on the nature of the Rhode Island State Police investigation.

Are we at the day and age when its acceptable for a diocese to decline to elaborate on misconduct?

Was it sexual misconduct with an adult?   Did witnesses become uncooperative?   Did victims decide it was not worth the hassle? 

There were ramifications.   Following the incident, the bishop forced him to 'retire' for...'using poor judgment'. 

Poor judgment? 

If allegations are true, a priest cruising rest stops to have consensual sex with young gay males and using parish funds for hush money when things turn ugly, is hardly the exercise of  'poor judgment'.

 Poor judgment is when you use Marty Haugen songs in the Novus Ordo. 

 Fr. Costello went missing about a week ago.   

A suspect led police to his buried body, more arrests are expected and the FBI has taken over the case. 

 The FBI. 

 The statements from the diocese are filled with praise for Fr. Costello and bewilderment he met with such a disturbing end.    No indication whatsoever that Fr. Costello had history of sexual predation.

Fr. Costello was also involved in a 2010 gay controversy with Fr. John Harrington

Fr. Harrington is familiar to many in the prolife community.  It's my understanding nothing sexual was implied in the stalking discussion.     There is no question he's orthodox, faithful and has been a victim of corruption.  I think its also fair to say he's intense and that intensity sometimes sabotages his own best interests.  

For example, if your pastor asks you to give an individual some personal space, using your Sunday homily to mount a crusade against him is not a 'winner, winner, chicken dinner' strategy.     

But, here's the bottom line:

Fr. Harrington has been complaining about the sexually active gay network of priests for decades and they took him out of commission instead of getting to the bottom of what's causing the commotion.   

After all is said and done, it seems to me that early retirement packages, coverups, singing praises and feigned surprise that Fr. Costello ended up in a shallow grave with the FBI on the case, is a colossal case of 'poor judgment' that is part and parcel of our never-ending nightmare. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Pope Francis Letter to People of God-All Hat No Cattle

As a viral post on Twitter observes, Pope Francis Letter blaming "clericalism" for ordaining thousands of homosexual predators fails to identify the root cause of the problem.

Not to worry, the Holy Father said the Romans will spare no effort tackling the problem. 

How much "tackling" there will be is anyones guess.  Rumors are, they are sending a linebacker who supports gay marriage.  He's not being sent to purge sexually active homosexuals.

Judging from the comments all over social media, the letter went over with the people of God like a lead balloon.

I will say it again:

Nighty Nights Tobin
Blaise Cupich
Reinhard Marx
Walter Casper
Heiner Koch
Oscar Maradiaga
Vincenzo Paglia
Lorenzo Baldisseri
Francesco Coccopalmerio
Donald Wuerl
John Stowe
Antionio Cruz Santos
Fr. Timothy Radcliffe
Fr. James Martin
Fr. Battista Ricca

Talk is cheap.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Domine, delexi decorum domus tuae et locum habitationis gloriae tuae.

Was your homily about the fugazzi?

I could tell our pastor was not himself this week.    He's rock solid, but you just tell something was on his mind.  I was up at 5 prepping a meal for a new mom and hit the 7:30am Mass.   I was expecting a homily about the Eucharist, but it was about McCarrick, the mess in PA and St. John's Seminary.

He corrected the impression the problem was caused by pedophiles and explained it was because of sexually-active homosexual priests and bishops.   A compassionate man, he did a superlative job reaffirming moral theology and explaining the reasons why homosexual men should not be ordained and why sexually active priests and bishops must be purged.    He wisely explained that a priest who isn't teaching moral theology is often a warning sign there's an underlying problem with sin.

He told us not to worry about how that would impact parish closures, priests may need to take on four or five parishes and that is what they will do - so be it.  He said now is time for priests to speak up and asked us to pray for courage.

I couldn't agree more.

Over the last 20 years, I've been an advocate of faithful priests keeping a low profile.     We all know what happens if they don't.   They're penalized by Church leadership.

But, the time has finally come to throw the pirates overboard and take control of the ship.   This is the hour.

If a priest is aware of any priests in the diocese whom you suspect or is rumored not be celibate, put it in writing and send a certified letter to the bishop of the see, with a certified copy of the letter to the nuncio.  I recommend laity do the same.

As a blogger, I'm preparing a list of things that have been passed on to me. I have no way of verifying the credibility of rumors and allegations.   That is their job.  Believe me when I tell you having a traceable paper trail is a whole new ballgame.

I would add to one thing he did say.  He reminded us that Pope Francis recently said that homosexuals should not be ordained. 

That he did.

But, that doesn't help us one bit if he praises priests and bishops with long histories of  homoheresy and errors, promotes and appoints them to everything, and applauds from the sidelines as they sell homoheresy to our children.

Here is just a partial wall of shame:

Blaise Cupich
Reinhard Marx
Walter Casper
Heiner Koch
Oscar Maradiaga
Vincenzo Paglia
Lorenzo Baldisseri
Francesco Coccopalmerio
Donald Wuerl
John Stowe
Antionio Cruz Santos
Fr. Timothy Radcliffe
Fr. James Martin
Fr. Battista Ricca

The biggest red flag of all:  Nighty Nights Baby Tobin.   His explanation  is simply not believable and for all we know, his message could be to an under age child.     He should immediately be removed pending a forensic investigation

And the 2018 Word Meeting of Families is a homosex cheerleading camp.

While we are openly speaking about scandal and dis-grace of Catholic leaders, its imperative to openly discuss the hardest thing we've ever had to say in the history of the Catholic Church in our lifetime:    There is a serious problem with the Holy Father that jeopardizes the safety and salvation of every baptized Catholic.    At present, this is the most serious problem in the Church.

Along with the laicization of sexually-active priests and bishops and their enablers and all that comes with it, the Holy Father's must immediately stop appointing homoheretics and remove the ones he has appointed.   Every. Single. One.

Lots of prayers for all who are feeling discouraged. 

For whatever reason, I'm feeling emboldened and on fire.   Reading Bishop Morlino's letter, hearing todays homily from a good shepherd, speaking with solid Catholics, for the first time in my lifetime, the right ammunition is flying towards the right targets.  It used to be just a few of us, but its coming from everywhere.   The wind has shifted.    Worthy is the Lamb.

My heart was inflamed and my emotions were changed to excitement; the zeal for your house has consumed me.  He has made my mouth as a sharp sword. under the shadow of his hand he has protected me, and has made me as a chosen arrow.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

BREAKING! Catholics Circulate Petition for Wuerl's Resignation

Our friends at Boston Catholic Insider have put together a petition  asking Wuerl to man up and resign.
The bombshell Pennsylvania Grand Jury report just released shows that Cardinal Donald Wuerl, former Archbishop of Pittsburgh, was complicit in covering up the sexual abuse children by multiple priests, shuffling around priests who had abused children, and publicly praising priests he knew had abused children. The current Bishop of Pittsburgh was also implicated in these cover-ups.
I personally find it impossible to believe he did not know McCarrick was was a sexual predator.   Once again, they are innoculating themselves from any consequequences and protecting the networks of clerical homosexual sex addicts with apology tours and kangaroo panels to produce procedures that have existed for centuries.

Cardinal Burke cut through the subterfuge of nonsense with his laser itongue.

He is a cool cucumber, that one!

It’s the Pope’s job to remove predator bishops and their enablers.  It’s our job to make him do it by making it crystal clear that the glory days of appointing homosexuals and protecting them with smoke and mirrors have ended.

Please go to the petition link at Boston Catholic Insider above, sign the petition and pass it on to others with any resources you have available.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, to devour her child.

Cardinal Wuerl has launched a website to defend himself against his malfeasance in the Pittsburgh.

Are you sitting down?

He thinks he did a good job.    The homosexuals and lesbians at the National Catholic Reporter must smell blood in the water, because they are coming to Wuerl's defense. 

Pressure is also mounting for the Holy Father to say something.   They must be sweating bullets to come up with reasons to defend his rationale that he doesn't make judgments about keeping a fresh supply of homosexual seminarians who will be used for the  orgies, as long as they are seeking God.

I listened to the PA DA's press conference yesterday.  What bothers me is the pattern  of grooming we keep seeing.  Marking a groomed child with a gold cross so other gay priests could take advantage of him.    The kiddie porn.  The bribery.

Once again, the age of the accusations seems to indicate they've stopped using children.   It was too risky, too criminal, too expensive.

But, the revelation dioceses continue to position older gay priests at seminaries, admits a supply of gay adult men, discourages and keeps out orthodox men offended by the debauchery, is too much to be a coincidence.   I can’t help thinking it’s supply and demand.

Fr. Heilman's article expresses the sentiments of the majority of priests ordained in the last 30 years.

I blamed you, bishops! It was your effete, weak compromising with the world "leadership" that emboldened all of the Fr. Don Murrays of the world to hate me — to hate us. You are the ones that guarded your gay, radical priests, while you chastised anyone who dared to actually love the rich treasury of our Catholic faith or challenged our people to strive to become saints.

I found the following comments at the Pilot to say everything that needs to be said.

The reality is that homosexual men experience desires that are themselves gravely wrong, and much of the time these desires arise from bad things done to them when they were boys, and some bad things that they themselves did too. It is a psychological and moral mine-field. The last place they ought to be is in a seminary with other young men. 
If you experience the desires but you do not affirm them -- if you do not call yourself "gay," you do not take that fateful step -- then you may not cause any harm in that environment. But if you do affirm them, and you allow them to form your affectual relationships with other men, then you are doing harm, and you are also probably putting yourself in harm's way to boot. 
That is the truth. People are assuming that homosexual men are Just Like Folks, only that their sexual desires go this way rather than that way. That is a colossal misunderstanding of the problem, and it does nothing to explain the host of behaviors that are a part of the syndrome. It is a way we have of ignoring someone else's suffering while patting ourselves on the back for doing so.... 
We are not all disordered in one way or another, if by that you mean that every person is tempted to do things that are unnatural. We really must get our terms straight here. Most sin involves the improper use of a faculty that is essentially good. But the temptation that a man feels to do sexual things with another man is not essentially good. It is bad, in its essence. 
The danger we are talking about here is completely avoidable and holds forth no possibility of gain. For example, it would be dangerous to send thirteen year old boys out into battle, as it is dangerous to send grown men into battle, but there is no good that the thirteen year old boys, as a group, can do -- it is a danger without any point to it. The same is true of homosexual men in that environment. I really must insist here that, since you are a woman and not a man, you cannot possibly imagine what kinds of things men do when women are not around, and what kinds of things homosexual men do -- and be assured that they are not going to brag about them to women. Their presence is a disrupting force, and they drive away good men. I am not speaking here of men who keep their arrant temptations to themselves, men who, for all that anyone would know besides their confessors, are as ordinary as the day is long. THOSE men have not affirmed the temptation, let alone given in to it. They may in fact outgrow the temptation; many men do outgrow it. I am speaking of men who "identify" that way.
A side question -- but one that is quite clear: Do we or do we not want to attract healthy, masculine young men to the priesthood? If we do, then we need to make sure that self-identifying homosexuals are not admitted. They do the Church, as a group, no good. They have done colossal harm already....
Ma'am, a lot of homosexual men seek out the priesthood as a haven.
I will repeat what I said. If you experience a desire for something unnatural, and this desire is strong and persistent, then something is wrong with you. It does not matter what the unnatural thing is. It may be, for example, a desire to torture animals, or a desire to eat things that are not food (dirt, excrement) -- whatever. The desire suggests that there is something wrong, because you are suffering a moral and psychological problem that is deep-seated.
May I suggest again that there are things about men that women are not going to know unless men tell them? That should not be controversial to say. If a man who experiences homosexual desire intends to be faithful, he does not say, except to his confessor, "I experience this desire." He keeps it to himself -- AND it forms no part of his affectual attitude toward other men. In his case you would not know that anything was wrong. Nor should you know.
But I guarantee you that a man who affirms the desire as a constitutive part of his very being, by saying, "I AM gay," will act upon that desire, and has in fact acted upon it. You will have to take the word of a man who knows what men are like, what they do, and how they act when women are not around. Please also keep in mind that ordinary men do not like to hang around gay men, for obvious reasons, and that the feeling is mutual. You can have a priesthood in which it is presumed that every man has a normal man's affections, or you can have a priesthood in which there are gay men who show it and who thus keep down the numbers of young men who go to the seminary -- and you will get all the problems that we have in fact gotten in the last forty years. You cannot have what the nature of men forbids, that normal men in any numbers will give up their chance for marriage and family so that they will be perceived as effeminate, because of the company they will be keeping. It will not happen, and it has not happened.
I want there to be ten times as many seminarians as there are now. Everyone really does know how you can have that, because everyone really does know what kinds of things appeal to young men, and what turns them away. Effeminacy turns them away.

This is the only thing I want to hear from the Pope. An admission of the real problem and the promise of a real solution. As I'm finishing up this post, I received word that Wuerl's website has mysteriously disappeared. I sincerely hope somebody got across to him - and the whole lot of them- how furious we are at their asshattery.

Monday, August 13, 2018

If You Tell, We Will Crush You

This is a quote from Richard Sipe’s 2016 Letter to Bishop McElroy, referencing an example of how the sexual abuse network protects its impenetrability with intimidation, secrecy and threats.

I never really trusted Richard Sipe. His advocacy of homosexual sex was a complete contradiction to the damages he gathered about its fruits.  There was an agenda I could not put my finger on, but theological acceptance of homosexual seduction and sex would result in more victims, so his baby was thrown out with the swamp he tried to bathe us all in.

His recently released 2016 letter expressed his observation that sexual patterns are set up in seminaries or early years after ordination when sexual experimentation is initiated or sustained.  He describes a geneology of consensual clerical sex that is endemic to the highest corridors of the Vatican.  The sexual escapades of hierarchs threatens scandal of exposure when and if they initiate any attempts to curtail other clerics.

He is sure right about that!  There is simply no other explanation.

Coupled with the inability to verify sex between consensual adults, the limitations of guidance of the 8th Commandment and the sincere desires not to impose harm to the Mystical Corpus of Christ, it's a perfect storm for the abuse of power.

Recent revelations that McCarrick's debauchery involved more than consensual sex, and disturbing allegations at St John's Seminary reminded me of information Fr. Bill Scanlan shared almost 20 years ago.

Fr. Bill was falsely accused priest from Boston whose vocation involved working with troubled youths in parish and residential care settings.  He worked with the Department of Youth Services, at a residential treatment center called the Pilgrim Center, Long Island Hospital, Bridgewater State Hospital and an after-care program called Home For Now.  He was a whistleblower when gay network compromised the safety of troubled youth and was convinced false allegations were used against him to take him out of roles where he would observe suspicious conduct and whistleblow.  He was completely reinstated, his innocence verifiable and undeniable.     But, the process exposed a lot of corruption.

Though he had little proof, Fr. Bill was extremely suspicious of the gay network of Boston clergy.  He felt the culture was incestuous, that it's members and enablers were appointed to Chancery and seminary staff and up the ranks.  Not exclusively, but there were enough participants to keep whistleblowing from having any impact.     He was deeply concerned they were poaching victims from the seminary and apostolates ministering to troubled youth.

"I see the seminary (a scene for some quieted abuse cases between faculty & students), the Chancery and Catholic Charities as central to a lot of this.  Key players float around these offices...Seminary rector's get moved to #2 positions...accused priests end up with Chancery positions (Curley, Surrete, Lane and Shanley)"

I am beside myself that 20 years has passed and its still going on.

Fr Bill was suspicious that victims were passed around networks in the diocese and some perhaps crossed over state lines.  He said "One day a black shiny car driven by Monsignor Fred Ryan dropped off McCarrick's nephew for residency and treatment".

What would a victim of McCarrick’s be doing in a Boston priest’s car?

Fred Ryan's allegations also include taking pornographic pictures of his victim and sharing those pics with other predators, including McCarrick.

How would a monsignor in one state have the audacity to contact a bishop in another state and say "take a look at these porn pictures I took of teens this weekend", without some kind of pedophile ring structure?     It's not information one would share unless one knew the recipient would take pleasure in them, instead of calling the police.

There are huge pieces of this puzzle missing and it all needs to be investigated.

Fr. Scanlan also duly noted, astoundingly, that nearly all of the priests who formed the association called Boston's Priest Forum were rumoured to be sexually-active homosexuals.  He worried about underlying motives and dangers.

The refusal to acknowledge the relationship between sexually active homosexual priests, abuse of power, blackmail as the substance that must be uprooted has given predators 20 more years of victims.   This is the end of the road. Richard Sipe cites statistics that 50% of priests and bishops are sexually active.   I don't know where he got those statistics but every single one of them has got to be laicized, along with their enablers.

Fr. Bill was scared of them.   He truly thought that in addition to using their power to obstruct and discourage heterosexual priests from ordination, or destroy the careers of those who somehow made it through, he felt part of the reason the network survives is, they are capable of murder.     He was suspicious some unexpected deaths in the priesthood were actually murders.

They sure did a number on his vocation.   And I'm sure countless others.

I used to laugh when he would tell us, "I would never throw my salvation away by commiting suicide.   If that's how I'm found, they did it!"

The episcopal rot manifesting itself around McCarrick's insidious behavior, I've stopped laughing.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Rector of Boston's St. John's Seminary, Monsignor James P Moroney, to Go on Vacation

This afternoon, Cardinal O'Malley released a statement saying the rector of St John's seminary has been told to take an extended summer vacation for the Fall semester after two former seminarians posted on social media that they witnessed and experienced activities contrary to moral standards and formation to the Catholic priesthood.  Boston Catholic Insider has latest details.

Some of the appointees on Cardinal Sean's team are unknown to me, so I am reserving judgement on whether the outcome is rigged until after I do diligence.

I will say Bishop O'Connell has never come across to me as someone who has any desire to reach independent conclusions about internal corruption.   My nickname for him was "the sled dog".   I always had the feeling the archdiocese was loading up his sled and he was trying to sell the snake oil. 

Further, an extended summer vacation for the rector does not reflect the serious nature of the seduction, harrasment, persecution, obstruction and corruption at Catholic seminaries.

I'm hoping the willingness of seminarians to publicly speak about the filth and the related harassment of faithful men who refuse to go along with it, will help drain swamps at other seminaries across the US.

I think we are going to have to wait and see how it plays out.

Prior to this developing story, I had been giving prayerful reflection to next steps in draining the episcopal swamp.  I watched Cardinal DiNardo's recorded statement and tuned in to several of Cardinal Wuerl's guest appearances  on the crisis.   I also read bishop Barron's article.

With all due respect, they are out of their ever-loving minds.

The pattern emerging is apology tours, an investigation on what happened with McCarrick and developing more useless procedures on how to internally inform the chain of command who has never done anything but promote those who teach or practice sexual debauchery and abuse power.

We've been there/done that.  All we have for souvenirs is a basement full of patronizing letters from chanceries.

We have a very small window of opportunity to pull the rug out from under their 2018 sequel to the dog and pony show.

Please.  Let us dispense with the farce that we need an investigation on why McCarrick was given 50 years to abuse his power to conduct gay orgies.

We already know what happened. There is an endemic culture of homosexual sex in the priesthood and heirarchy that protects everyone in the club.   If you give any indication you have zero tolerance for using the Church as the Tinder for Catholic homosexuals, your vocation or family are targets for malicious conduct.     This dynamic has been in full throttle for 60 years, whether in a parish, a school, a seminary, CCD or any other apostolate in the Catholic Church.   In some dioceses , it is the operating culture.

Let us also face another sad reality:  There is no hope of cleaning house with a Holy Father who would promote and appoint a bishop who painted a homoerotic mural of himself and Christ  or surround himself with a Cardinal whose apartment is raided for gay orgies or pick a spokesperson for himself whose obsession is encouraging gays to have sex.     Catholics have informed him and begged for his help and his response has made crystal clear that his intentions are the promotion and enabling of the club.   The damages to trust are irreparable.

What is needed is an independent clearing house for allegations of every priest and bishop in every diocese whose pastoral ministry advocated gay sex, abused power, sexually harrassed or used intimidation tactics to against orthodox practicing Catholics.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Laity provides lists and an independent  team of orthodox Catholic lawyers and law enforcement officials trained in forensics conduct audits of their files. 

Boston Catholics tried reporting suspicious and bad conduct to Cardinal Sean for many years. 

When complaints began surfacing that one priest was only at the the parish weekends and was spending weekdays in Massachusetts gay sex hookup community of Provincetown, complainants were told by the Cardinal's staff that the Cardinal has "confidence" in this priest.

When complaints surfaced that another priest lived with his gay lover for years in the South End, you can guess what happened when Catholics called the chancery.  Nothing.

When another priest notorious for luring and confirming gays into mortal sin was simulating the Sacrament of marriage with a phony ritual, complainants were told the priest is the Cardinal's friend.

When a gay parishioner of a Boston Shrine wrote a tell-all book of sexual debauchery taking place within a Franciscan order and described (and even nicknamed) an archdiocesan priest's involvement in the sex club, you know what happened when Catholics called the chancery?   The same thing that happened when people complained about McCarrick.  Bupkis.

When problems with Church teaching had a foothold, Boston Catholics developed an independent infrastructure for reporting bad behaviors and promised anonymity. If the evidence was clear and verifiable, it was publicly reported.  That was the only effective way to avoid the hijacking of outcome and uprooting the corruption.  Perhaps the same structure is needed to manage the abuse of power.

In February, Cardinal Joseph Tobin made the mistake of publicly tweeting what he meant to be a private message.  "Nighty-nights baby.  I love you."    He offered the ludicrous explanation it was meant for his 65-year-old sister.  He got away with it.   Any team doing forensics needs to start with his phone records and his computer.   Reconstructing McCarrick's train accident is a complete waste of resources and hands bishops the outcome of useless procedures they never have and never will follow.

Frank Keating recently said the bishops had their chance 15 years ago to put meaningful reforms in place, they've proven they will not and the only thing left is complete exposure.     The right structure and the right people have to go into place, but my recommendation is an independent clearing house and forensic team.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Get the popcorn and lemonade. We're about to see a circus.

The USCCB has issued a statement saying they are convening to address their "moral failures".

Send in the clowns.

Here's why practicing Catholics know this effort is just more smoke and mirrors: This is the world in which we live. The same reasons this pastor-pervert is still sleeping in his bed in the rectory, the World Meeting of Families is saturated with promoters of homosexual sex, these are the same reasons McCarrick was sheltered and protected by Bishops.

If they want to show us they're going to do something about the cause of sexual debauchery within the ranks of the ordained, a good start would be yanking Fr. James Martin from the World Meeting of Families.  (please sign petition!)

Episcopal publicity stunts are only making Catholics madder.

First, they knew bishops were sexual abusing, so they licensed their own sexual debauchery by excluding themselves from the Dallas Charter. They deliberately protected sexual abuse of bishops. Now that they're caught red-handed, they announce they're convening to discuss 'the right course of action'.

Give us a break.

What's needed now is to beat them to the punch with a bullet list of 'the right course of action'.

They can start by publishing a list of names of priests and bishops they're protecting.

Make another list of every man ordained, from priest to Pope, who has ever promoted homosexual sex or failed to teach moral theology and laicize them.

Then dissolve the USCCB.

That would be getting somewhere.   Clean the episcopal swamp.

What is troublesome about this statement is its reference to past tense, as if the USCCB isn't currently, in this hour, loaded with sexual predators.  But we all know it is, and the "action plan" of laity is to scorch the earth if they are not voluntarily flushed out.

Digging It.