Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, to devour her child.

Cardinal Wuerl has launched a website to defend himself against his malfeasance in the Pittsburgh.

Are you sitting down?

He thinks he did a good job.    The homosexuals and lesbians at the National Catholic Reporter must smell blood in the water, because they are coming to Wuerl's defense. 

Pressure is also mounting for the Holy Father to say something.   They must be sweating bullets to come up with reasons to defend his rationale that he doesn't make judgments about keeping a fresh supply of homosexual seminarians who will be used for the  orgies, as long as they are seeking God.

I listened to the PA DA's press conference yesterday.  What bothers me is the pattern  of grooming we keep seeing.  Marking a groomed child with a gold cross so other gay priests could take advantage of him.    The kiddie porn.  The bribery.

Once again, the age of the accusations seems to indicate they've stopped using children.   It was too risky, too criminal, too expensive.

But, the revelation dioceses continue to position older gay priests at seminaries, admits a supply of gay adult men, discourages and keeps out orthodox men offended by the debauchery, is too much to be a coincidence.   I can’t help thinking it’s supply and demand.

Fr. Heilman's article expresses the sentiments of the majority of priests ordained in the last 30 years.

I blamed you, bishops! It was your effete, weak compromising with the world "leadership" that emboldened all of the Fr. Don Murrays of the world to hate me — to hate us. You are the ones that guarded your gay, radical priests, while you chastised anyone who dared to actually love the rich treasury of our Catholic faith or challenged our people to strive to become saints.

I found the following comments at the Pilot to say everything that needs to be said.

The reality is that homosexual men experience desires that are themselves gravely wrong, and much of the time these desires arise from bad things done to them when they were boys, and some bad things that they themselves did too. It is a psychological and moral mine-field. The last place they ought to be is in a seminary with other young men. 
If you experience the desires but you do not affirm them -- if you do not call yourself "gay," you do not take that fateful step -- then you may not cause any harm in that environment. But if you do affirm them, and you allow them to form your affectual relationships with other men, then you are doing harm, and you are also probably putting yourself in harm's way to boot. 
That is the truth. People are assuming that homosexual men are Just Like Folks, only that their sexual desires go this way rather than that way. That is a colossal misunderstanding of the problem, and it does nothing to explain the host of behaviors that are a part of the syndrome. It is a way we have of ignoring someone else's suffering while patting ourselves on the back for doing so.... 
We are not all disordered in one way or another, if by that you mean that every person is tempted to do things that are unnatural. We really must get our terms straight here. Most sin involves the improper use of a faculty that is essentially good. But the temptation that a man feels to do sexual things with another man is not essentially good. It is bad, in its essence. 
The danger we are talking about here is completely avoidable and holds forth no possibility of gain. For example, it would be dangerous to send thirteen year old boys out into battle, as it is dangerous to send grown men into battle, but there is no good that the thirteen year old boys, as a group, can do -- it is a danger without any point to it. The same is true of homosexual men in that environment. I really must insist here that, since you are a woman and not a man, you cannot possibly imagine what kinds of things men do when women are not around, and what kinds of things homosexual men do -- and be assured that they are not going to brag about them to women. Their presence is a disrupting force, and they drive away good men. I am not speaking here of men who keep their arrant temptations to themselves, men who, for all that anyone would know besides their confessors, are as ordinary as the day is long. THOSE men have not affirmed the temptation, let alone given in to it. They may in fact outgrow the temptation; many men do outgrow it. I am speaking of men who "identify" that way.
A side question -- but one that is quite clear: Do we or do we not want to attract healthy, masculine young men to the priesthood? If we do, then we need to make sure that self-identifying homosexuals are not admitted. They do the Church, as a group, no good. They have done colossal harm already....
Ma'am, a lot of homosexual men seek out the priesthood as a haven.
I will repeat what I said. If you experience a desire for something unnatural, and this desire is strong and persistent, then something is wrong with you. It does not matter what the unnatural thing is. It may be, for example, a desire to torture animals, or a desire to eat things that are not food (dirt, excrement) -- whatever. The desire suggests that there is something wrong, because you are suffering a moral and psychological problem that is deep-seated.
May I suggest again that there are things about men that women are not going to know unless men tell them? That should not be controversial to say. If a man who experiences homosexual desire intends to be faithful, he does not say, except to his confessor, "I experience this desire." He keeps it to himself -- AND it forms no part of his affectual attitude toward other men. In his case you would not know that anything was wrong. Nor should you know.
But I guarantee you that a man who affirms the desire as a constitutive part of his very being, by saying, "I AM gay," will act upon that desire, and has in fact acted upon it. You will have to take the word of a man who knows what men are like, what they do, and how they act when women are not around. Please also keep in mind that ordinary men do not like to hang around gay men, for obvious reasons, and that the feeling is mutual. You can have a priesthood in which it is presumed that every man has a normal man's affections, or you can have a priesthood in which there are gay men who show it and who thus keep down the numbers of young men who go to the seminary -- and you will get all the problems that we have in fact gotten in the last forty years. You cannot have what the nature of men forbids, that normal men in any numbers will give up their chance for marriage and family so that they will be perceived as effeminate, because of the company they will be keeping. It will not happen, and it has not happened.
I want there to be ten times as many seminarians as there are now. Everyone really does know how you can have that, because everyone really does know what kinds of things appeal to young men, and what turns them away. Effeminacy turns them away.

This is the only thing I want to hear from the Pope. An admission of the real problem and the promise of a real solution. As I'm finishing up this post, I received word that Wuerl's website has mysteriously disappeared. I sincerely hope somebody got across to him - and the whole lot of them- how furious we are at their asshattery.


  1. the lengths they will go to to avoid taking about the elephant in the room..... homosexuality.

  2. True story from the wealthy western suburbs a few years ago: Pastor and associate, "gay partners," got a call from a local hospital ICU. Someone was dying and needed the last rights. The priests were on call that evening. But when the phone rang, whichever one answered refused to drive just a couple of miles and do the anointing. The family desperately reached out to other priests, but only got answering machines. By the time they reached someone, the patient died. The next morning, at a nearby parish, the priest recounted this story from the altar at early morning Mass. He was shaking with anger.

  3. One more true story, an even wealthier suburb and a pastor that isn't just "out" but "far out." The pastor was on call that night when the phone rang. He did't pick up; he wasn't home. Again, a desperate family at the ICU (same hospital). Finally someone reached a faithful elderly woman who ran many parish activities. She called around all the priests she knew and found an African priest who could come. She and the African priest went to the church to get the oil for anointing (she had a key because she was in charge of arranging daily Masses for the "busy" pastor). Unfortunately, the oil was locked up and she couldn't get it. Happily, the patient lived. The pastor didn't ever explain.

  4. A real problem. Far too many just do not give a flying dig if we all go to hell. I am Johnnie on the spot about going to Cinfession and keeping in a state of Grace.

    Send an anonymous letter to bishop certified with names of two homosexual lover priests certified with a copy to nuncio. They are going to be afraid of certified paper trails!

  5. I was in a parish with a sodomite priest. He hated confessions and hired a retired priest to do them. I had requested a home anointing for an elderly woman but Fr. brushed it off. Then about 6 weeks later with a "communal penance" service, he claimed to be called out on an emergency--but it was the request I put in weeks before. He did not want to hear confessions. And just this morning a woman told me how she desperately sought a priest for her dying father and could not find one; finally she located one who came without the oils, without the Holy Eucharist, and just said an Our Father with the family and left. Dereliction of duty. Sinful.

  6. as long as they are seeking God.

    Well, SOMEBODY has to accompany them......

  7. Wonderful article from Fr. Richard Heilman: It's time to process Our Lady of America into the Basilica in Washington DC!

    That would fulfill Our Lady's request from the 1950s and turn the country around.


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