Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cupich: Say your pwayers wabbits. It's hunting season in Wome

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours.

  Cupich has given an interview that caricatures allegations of a coup in the Church by perverts and their enablers as a 'rabbit hole' and said "we" - all the cacas named in Archbishop Vigano's testimony - have decided the strategem is to ignore the allegations and run a PR campaign with stories about the weather and opening up US borders to illegal immigrants.

 He also pulled a phony race card, claiming the Holy Father - who has a bloodline that is 100% Italian - is hated because he self-identifies as a Latino.  The Rachel Dolezal of the Holy See.    I saw a meme of a picture of Cupich that said "They hate Pope Francis because he is Latino and they hate me because I'm black".  LOL.

Also in the news - the Catholic News Service tried to pull a stunt.   Instead of tracking down and getting accused to confirm or deny allegations, they tried to use a video of Archbishop Viganò recognizing McCarrick's presence with a ceremonial mention at a gala and dates and times when McCarrick continued to abuse power and people after his faculties were stripped.

This does nothing to prove their innocence.

All the comments on social media saw right through it and directed them back to getting answers from the accused, including Pope Francis.   Distraction is a resource of the guilty and their enablers.  Let's make sure our social media presence leads them right back to the questions.

Speaking of responses - Cardinal Wuerl released a lawyered-up wordsmythed statement denying Archbishop Viganò 'communicated' the sanctions imposed on McCarrick.
Archbishop Viganò has not produced in his testimony any objectively verifiable proof that he in any way communicated to Cardinal Wuerl restrictions imposed on Cardinal McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI. In fact, Archbishop Viganò’s testimony says that he did not.
So then everyone is in agreement.  Why mention it?

 What Archbishop Viganò said was, it was crystal clear Wuerl already knew and based upon that knowledge and the discussion with Archbishop Viganò, Wuerl immediately took action, cancelling the advertisement inviting seminary candidates to meet with McCarrick.

If the action following the conversation with Archbishop Viganò, confirms information was exchanged that changed McCarrick's ability to use the Archdiocese of Washington to advertise for more sex partners for his orgies.

Wuerl's statement also states that no victim came to him directly.

What Wuerl's statement doesn't say is, he already knew McCarrick was a rapist and at the time of his meeting with Archbishop Viganò, he didn't already know McCarrick was sanctioned.

Another item in the news sources close to Pope Francis say he has no intention of resigning.

You can see the pattern emerging.   They can't deny the substance of the testimony.   They don't know how many other witnesses to events will come forward and make liars out of them.   

The Holy Father has chosen to ignore the allegations that he ignores the raping and perversion.

The Holy Father ignored the sexual debauchery of Battista Ricca, Francesco Coccopalmerio, Vincenzo Paglia, Timothy Radcliffe,  Oscar Maradiaga and a host of others.  He reversed the defrocking of pedophile priest pervert Mauro Inzolli.   He reduced sanctions for other pedophile priests.

So lifting sanctions and promoting McCarrick is consistent with his policies.

And a breaking story: Pope Francis dismissed Muller for following canons on abuse cases.

And this breaking story: Pope knowingly gave Vatican Apartment to gay priest later caught in cocaine-fueled orgy.

With time they will realize:  The more they dig in, the bigger and louder and uglier this will get.

Get out and let the purification commence.


  1. They are making their aims obvious. What they are now doing is stating with obviousness that they completely support sodomy, for adults and for boys. They support the rape of girls and the sexual attacks that adults have endured. No more subtle hiding, now we know, the pope and these men are for all sexual license, and even children are not off limits. There is no other conclusion to be reached.
    This evil group has taken over the church, right to the top. It is now a purely human institution and a corrupt one. They must leave, one way or another. We must starve them out, demand state and federal investigations.

  2. this Cupich character is awful. How in God's name did he get to be a


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