Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fr. Martin is the bigot

Several years ago, there was a big doctrinal dust up in a Catholic school. 

There was nothing extraordinary about the dust up, its like all the others we experience.   You know the routine.  Somebody who objects to Church teaching had a melt down when it was taught and orders were issued by hierarchs to stop teaching it.

Catholics working two jobs so they can keep their children away from the sexual grooming in government schools and have a curriculum consistent with what the Church teaches and what we teach at home, are robbed.  Sending Catholic children to Catholic schools can do more damage than sending them to public schools.

The incident involved two lesbians who didn't want anyone in the school to be taught the lifestyle they've chosen is a habitual state of mortal sin which leads to hell.   So they went to the press and Cardinal O'Malley, as he has consistently done in the past, issued orders that the lifestyle the two lesbians were living be affirmed, Church teaching be silenced and all the other children in the school - hundreds - be deprived of Catholic moral teaching.

This one incident affected thousands of practicing Catholics.    And there are millions of incidents just like it in every Catholic apostolate, parish and school.

How - and more importantly why, did we let the narrative become gays are being excluded?   Practicing Catholics are the people being discriminated against and excluded.

This outstanding article by Robert Royal charitably explains the 'exclusionary' culture inside and outside of the Catholic Church.
Fr. Martin, again from what people told me of the session, was quite brilliant in weaving stories about people feeling pain and rejection because of their sexual desires. But that, too, is a different thing, of course. It’s clever to speak of “feeling excluded” in democratic societies, because one of the modern nation-state’s claims to legitimacy is that it both includes and values all people, is more universal than the Universal Church itself. 
That claim is quite doubtful, as numbers of traditional Christians who have been told to keep quiet or lost jobs – in business, the military, even government – might attest. But again, pace Fr. Martin, traditional Christianity is not hate or bias or exclusion of persons. To say that really is a diversionary tactic to avoid facing the main question: Judging whether actsare right or wrong is precisely what it means for us to be beings that are so constituted as to need to make moral choices. 
The sentimentality that has entered the Church as a whole, however, combined with the modern obsession with feelings rather than truth simply overwhelms such simple and obvious distinctions.
Maybe the trajectory at this point is to mirror their strategy of telling the stories of what gay priests and bishops have been doing to faithful Catholic families.    I once had a basement full of letters Catholics sent me describing outrageous conduct.   It was overwhelming, especially for my children.

The stories documented papertrail notifications to the Chancery and all the way to Rome, so everyone from Cardinal O'Malley to Pope Francis knows faithful Catholic families are the targets of discrimination.

Heads are spinning in chanceries, wondering why the vigilantes are back banging on their doors.   The real answer is, the election of a pope who heralds and advances the bigots.   It was the final straw.

We want our faith taught/affirmed in our schools, seminaries, parishes and apostolates.    Gays and feminists who reject Church teaching, narcissist priests and bishops focused on money and advancement have been stopping that from happening. 

Perhaps having central places on the internet exclusively dedicated to aggregating and re-exposing these stories will be the gasoline we need on the burning fires.


  1. Ever thought of sending your files to Michael Voris?

  2. The files from lay people were all reported on another blog/blogs and actually helped to uproot local corruption about a decade ago. They are long gone. What I have left is from a priests and am waiting on God's timing and direction. Thank you for your great suggestion!


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