Monday, August 20, 2018

Pope Francis Letter to People of God-All Hat No Cattle

As a viral post on Twitter observes, Pope Francis Letter blaming "clericalism" for ordaining thousands of homosexual predators fails to identify the root cause of the problem.

Not to worry, the Holy Father said the Romans will spare no effort tackling the problem. 

How much "tackling" there will be is anyones guess.  Rumors are, they are sending a linebacker who supports gay marriage.  He's not being sent to purge sexually active homosexuals.

Judging from the comments all over social media, the letter went over with the people of God like a lead balloon.

I will say it again:

Nighty Nights Tobin
Blaise Cupich
Reinhard Marx
Walter Casper
Heiner Koch
Oscar Maradiaga
Vincenzo Paglia
Lorenzo Baldisseri
Francesco Coccopalmerio
Donald Wuerl
John Stowe
Antionio Cruz Santos
Fr. Timothy Radcliffe
Fr. James Martin
Fr. Battista Ricca

Talk is cheap.


  1. The idiot Jorge should start by resigning and negating, by decree, his entire papacy and ALL ITS ACTIONS! BOTH THE GOOD ONES AND THE BAD ONES. NONE SHOULD EXIST! Anything less is poppycock.


  2. And next to their beds, they all keep a copy of "Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing," by the recently promoted Archbishop Tucho Fernandez, ghostwriter for Pope Francis.


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