Sunday, August 19, 2018

Domine, delexi decorum domus tuae et locum habitationis gloriae tuae.

Was your homily about the fugazzi?

I could tell our pastor was not himself this week.    He's rock solid, but you just tell something was on his mind.  I was up at 5 prepping a meal for a new mom and hit the 7:30am Mass.   I was expecting a homily about the Eucharist, but it was about McCarrick, the mess in PA and St. John's Seminary.

He corrected the impression the problem was caused by pedophiles and explained it was because of sexually-active homosexual priests and bishops.   A compassionate man, he did a superlative job reaffirming moral theology and explaining the reasons why homosexual men should not be ordained and why sexually active priests and bishops must be purged.    He wisely explained that a priest who isn't teaching moral theology is often a warning sign there's an underlying problem with sin.

He told us not to worry about how that would impact parish closures, priests may need to take on four or five parishes and that is what they will do - so be it.  He said now is time for priests to speak up and asked us to pray for courage.

I couldn't agree more.

Over the last 20 years, I've been an advocate of faithful priests keeping a low profile.     We all know what happens if they don't.   They're penalized by Church leadership.

But, the time has finally come to throw the pirates overboard and take control of the ship.   This is the hour.

If a priest is aware of any priests in the diocese whom you suspect or is rumored not be celibate, put it in writing and send a certified letter to the bishop of the see, with a certified copy of the letter to the nuncio.  I recommend laity do the same.

As a blogger, I'm preparing a list of things that have been passed on to me. I have no way of verifying the credibility of rumors and allegations.   That is their job.  Believe me when I tell you having a traceable paper trail is a whole new ballgame.

I would add to one thing he did say.  He reminded us that Pope Francis recently said that homosexuals should not be ordained. 

That he did.

But, that doesn't help us one bit if he praises priests and bishops with long histories of  homoheresy and errors, promotes and appoints them to everything, and applauds from the sidelines as they sell homoheresy to our children.

Here is just a partial wall of shame:

Blaise Cupich
Reinhard Marx
Walter Casper
Heiner Koch
Oscar Maradiaga
Vincenzo Paglia
Lorenzo Baldisseri
Francesco Coccopalmerio
Donald Wuerl
John Stowe
Antionio Cruz Santos
Fr. Timothy Radcliffe
Fr. James Martin
Fr. Battista Ricca

The biggest red flag of all:  Nighty Nights Baby Tobin.   His explanation  is simply not believable and for all we know, his message could be to an under age child.     He should immediately be removed pending a forensic investigation

And the 2018 Word Meeting of Families is a homosex cheerleading camp.

While we are openly speaking about scandal and dis-grace of Catholic leaders, its imperative to openly discuss the hardest thing we've ever had to say in the history of the Catholic Church in our lifetime:    There is a serious problem with the Holy Father that jeopardizes the safety and salvation of every baptized Catholic.    At present, this is the most serious problem in the Church.

Along with the laicization of sexually-active priests and bishops and their enablers and all that comes with it, the Holy Father's must immediately stop appointing homoheretics and remove the ones he has appointed.   Every. Single. One.

Lots of prayers for all who are feeling discouraged. 

For whatever reason, I'm feeling emboldened and on fire.   Reading Bishop Morlino's letter, hearing todays homily from a good shepherd, speaking with solid Catholics, for the first time in my lifetime, the right ammunition is flying towards the right targets.  It used to be just a few of us, but its coming from everywhere.   The wind has shifted.    Worthy is the Lamb.

My heart was inflamed and my emotions were changed to excitement; the zeal for your house has consumed me.  He has made my mouth as a sharp sword. under the shadow of his hand he has protected me, and has made me as a chosen arrow.


  1. Be of good faith. More is coming...we are no longer 'firing for range'--we are beginning to 'fire for effect.' The weak-sister Bishops who mewl and cavil, wringing their hands.....let's be kind and say that they should hire new lawyers. Junkyard dog lawyers.

  2. How can you forget Fr. Walter Cuenin, still a priest in good standing? Fr. Butterballino? Then there's the faculty of BC...

  3. What Francis says about not ordaining homosexuals and keeping them out of seminaries is meaningless and should be ignored. Those fine words are meant to pacify and distract us while he and his perverted mignons advance their agenda. This is the Peronist playbook. His words, contradicted by his deeds, are part of this papacy of misdirection.


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