Saturday, August 18, 2018

BREAKING! Catholics Circulate Petition for Wuerl's Resignation

Our friends at Boston Catholic Insider have put together a petition  asking Wuerl to man up and resign.
The bombshell Pennsylvania Grand Jury report just released shows that Cardinal Donald Wuerl, former Archbishop of Pittsburgh, was complicit in covering up the sexual abuse children by multiple priests, shuffling around priests who had abused children, and publicly praising priests he knew had abused children. The current Bishop of Pittsburgh was also implicated in these cover-ups.
I personally find it impossible to believe he did not know McCarrick was was a sexual predator.   Once again, they are innoculating themselves from any consequequences and protecting the networks of clerical homosexual sex addicts with apology tours and kangaroo panels to produce procedures that have existed for centuries.

Cardinal Burke cut through the subterfuge of nonsense with his laser itongue.

He is a cool cucumber, that one!

It’s the Pope’s job to remove predator bishops and their enablers.  It’s our job to make him do it by making it crystal clear that the glory days of appointing homosexuals and protecting them with smoke and mirrors have ended.

Please go to the petition link at Boston Catholic Insider above, sign the petition and pass it on to others with any resources you have available.

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