Saturday, September 8, 2018

This Sums Up Abuse Coddling: "I Will Not Say One Word on This"

Yesterday, Boston Catholic Insider published Part II of their report on Cardinal O'Malley's Coddling of Abusive Priests.

Particular note should be taken of two comments in the comments section.

In one comment, a Catholic describes driving by a Church and having a person in the car tell him everyone in town knows Fr. Josoma's lover was living in the rectory with him.

Another comment about Fr. Call-Me-Walter Cuenin:

Cuenin did not leave Brandeis because of “health.” He was Removed because he took a young man away, plied him with alcohol and molested him. Both Brandeis and the Archdiocese wanted to keep it quiet. Shouldn’t they have been concerned if there were other victims?
I'm not the least bit surprised about this allegation.  Walter Cuenin is a classic example of what's wrong with the Church.

Sexually-active homosexual priest teaches Church teaching wrong/homosexual sex ok.   Diabolically-disoriented people who have been stewing in mortal sin for years pour in from a 100 mile radius to listen to his disordered psychobabble.    They deliver their own children to their own demons.  Then those children lure peers into traps.

Thousands of complaints pour into the chancery, the nuncio, the holy see for decades, who 'will not say one word' to Catholics who ask them to do something to stop it.   

But they say plenty to defend the dirty rotten scoundrels and they appoint them to places where they can do maximum harm.

Who appoints an individual with drinking and psycho-sexual problems to a college? 

This man and every sexually-active priest just like him should have been laicized decades ago.

There are dozens of these stories in the never-ending nightmare of Cardinal O'Malley's tenure in Boston. 


  1. Front page of today's (Sunday) Globe: Fr. Kickham strikes again. Another abuse claim sent to Cardinal O'Malley dismissed out of hand.

    1. Please, whenever possible, provide a link to the story. The corruption in these "local" churches must become more widely known to have an impact nationally and internationally.

    2. Twitter is my constant avenue to news items ... the Fr. Kickham story was highlighted throughout last night and today.

  2. Here is a lik to the Boston Globe story re: Fr. Kickham..

  3. Thanks for posting link to this new revelation. Was just about to do a post!


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