Thursday, September 13, 2018

Boston "Reformer" Fr. Walter Cuenin Molestation Cover Up?

Catholic journalists and bloggers have been busy following leads and speaking to various parties about the breaking/developing disturbing allegation of sexual abuse of a Brandeis University student by head of Boston's lavender mafia, Fr. Walter Cuenin.

  Boston Catholic Insider has updated details on what's been confirmed so far, and a good summary of Cuenin's long legacy of public warning signs.

 This story really got to me. Chiefly because Cuenin was Boston's McCarrick. Brazen, out of control homosexual antics and decades of rumors of problems with alcohol, participation in homosexual subculture of promiscuity and shacking up with sex partners.

 How did he get away with this for decades? Like a CEO, POTUS and other positions of power and influence, by the nature of the relationship between God and the priesthood, there is NEVER a situation where a priest's sexual advances would lead to consensual sex. No matter how old the object of their sexual desires, it is a non-consensual abuse of power.

 Who would assign a priest with substance abuse and alcohol problems to a college? He should have been laicized decades ago, along with Josoma and all 58 priests on the lavender mafia declaration

Why were Boston Catholics not informed for 4 years of this surreal development? Hundreds, if not thousands of us, wrote to the Cardinal to point out the warning signs and requested he be taken out of ministry.

 When someone finally steps forward and says what Cuenin was doing is not really consensual, officials at Brandeis University went the route of cover up because they appreciated Walter's willingness to applaud promiscuity and practice it himself?

When it comes to RICO dragnet, it is every bit as wrong for a school to respond with cover up as it is for authorities in the Catholic Church.

 I've read numerous people who compared what's happening now to Cardinal Law.   I vehemently disagree.
The counterinsurgence now at play is exact opposite overthrow of power that occurred in 2002.

 Every priest on this list, who planned, plotted and took part in the coup to overthrow Cardinal Law was affiliated with homosexual promiscuity. Every last one of them. They either taught it, practiced it, or both - and this group overthrew Law because he was an enemy of their agenda. Let that sink in.

The episcopal targets of the counter-coup currently underway are affiliates of homosexual promiscuity. Two coups are antipodal.


  1. ** I've read numerous people who compared what's happening now to Cardinal Law.**

    It's just like Cardinal Law....who let abuse go on right under his nose!

  2. **Every priest on this list, who planned, plotted and took part in the coup to overthrow Cardinal Law***

    After all that Cardinal Law let happen under his nose and on his watch, no one should have called for his resignation?

    You are kidding, right?

    1. What this post says is, the evidence of record is crystal clear: Law was oppressing the lavender mafia and as a result they met to plot how they could overthrow him - which is the complete opposite of the coup of bishops who are part of or enable the lavender mafia. It is a counter-coup.

  3. Is it likely that there's more to come with this story? I haven't seen it picked by news sites such as Lifesite. Do you think there are other cases or non disclosure agreements out there?


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