Friday, September 28, 2018

Justice Kavanaugh's Nomination Process

I wanted to share a few thoughts on the events unfolding in our government.

 The conduct of the democrats reached a new level of demonic and despicable. Here's what bothers me about this situation. Kavanaugh was a white, wealthy conservative Catholic virgin who went to Mass, played sports, studied his butt off. He went on to serve his country, community and Church with decency and honor. For decades.

 Along comes a woman who accuses Brett of sexual assault 38 years ago. But her account of this event demonstrates that her memory is either severely impaired or she is lying. My personal opinion is the latter. She 'forgets' key facts which would make her story gel.

 She remembers a general part of town which the assault took place which is nowhere near where she lived. As a 15 year old who didn't drive, she would have needed to get there by car. But she forgets who drove her there. She forgets who hosted the party. She forgets the location of the house. She forgets who was there.

 She names people as 'witnesses' she 'remembers' were at the party. She names a person as 'witness' who she says stood in the room as a bystander as she was sexually assaulted. All of these people are contacted and all four people say no such party took place in the location she describes, they were not there, the accused was not there.

 Fatal flaws to her memory and credibility.

 She claims she gets away from Brett and Mark, runs out of the house but does not call the police.  Instead, she leaves her female friend to fend for herself. She doesn't call her friend the next day to find out how she made out in a house with two supposed rapists.

Though the distance would have required her to get a ride in a car home, she forgets who drove her home.

 She was caught lying about witnesses. She was caught lying about a bystander in the room and eyewitness to the sexual assault. She was caught lying about a 'fear of flying'. When asked by the prosecutor under oath as to why her own witnesses say there was no such party, she gets caught in a lie about 'health problems' being a reason the witness, her own friend, is contradicting her.

 She is caught admitting Feinstein got her the lawyers.   She admits she doesn't know who is paying for Feinstein's lawyer or her polygraph (which has its own problems)

 She doesn't mention anything to anyone about this incident until 2012, when her husband dragged her to a shrink for unstable behavior.

Any reasonably honest and just person would admit if Kavanaugh were their husband or son, they would feel strongly he was an innocent victim of a mentally unstable person or liar.  This is not a serious or credible allegation. 

But, our country is now willing to lynch an innocent person for the political purposes.   This is a devastating advance in debauchery of not only governmental powers, but of American citizens who are willing to go along with it.    It actually exposes something I believe to be an enormous threat to our liberty and our lives.

If American citizens are willing to do this, we are a lot closer to the point in time when they will not hesitate to jail or kill us because they oppose our moral convictions.

This is exactly what Christ warned us would happen.

It is the end of due process.     The end of the presumption of innocence. 

An insidious development.

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