Monday, September 3, 2018

Consorting with the Enemy

This weekend, my pastor announced that at the end of every Mass starting next week, we'll be saying the St. Michael prayer and Hail Mary-because Mary has the ability to crush Satan's head.

What a difference it makes to be in a parish/diocese where practicing Catholics aren't in the position of having to beg spiritually-oppressed or bankrupt priests for powerful spiritual weapons or Church teaching.   It makes the sick culture in the Archdiocese of Boston stand out like a sore thumb.

I don't mean to say there aren't plenty of solid, orthodox priests and bishops in Boston.  My guess is, a little over 50% are solid, faithful, celibate orthodox priests. But, these priests are oppressed and controlled by the subculture of the lavender ring.

Maybe its more accurate to say Church teaching is oppressed and controlled by the lavender ring.

By that, I mean if solid priests teach moral theology, Cardinal O'Malley or one of his cronies will call and order them not to.   When a lavender ring has control of a diocese, this is how they oppress Church teaching and spiritual weapons.

Fr. Longenecker's quotes from CS Lewis are chilling to read at this time in the history of the Church

Lewis observed that Inner Rings exist in the institutions of every human endeavor and that the desire to belong leads the individual not at first to some great wickedness, but to the incremental compromise of truth and goodness required in order to be accepted by the insiders—leading at last to complete capitulation to the forces of evil. 
Inner Rings fester wherever humans gather, and the existence of such a ring within the church goes without saying. It is often said of the Catholic Church, “by all means come aboard the barque of Peter, but don’t go down into the engine room.” In other words, the Inner Circle of the Catholic Church is not only a dark and steamy engine room. It is also a noisome cave where “there be dragons.”
Fr. Longnecker describes how its put into practice:

The seduction by the lavender inner ring in the Catholic Church was for the young man to go with the flow and “not make a fuss.” The temptation is to keep quiet and mind your own business at first, then to allow oneself to be drawn in from silence, to condoning, and then to participation. If the seduction was sexual and one yields, then one is forever compromised—being open to blackmail and threats to reveal one’s own deep, dark secrets. If the young seminarian happens to be lacking in male friendship and insecure in his masculinity, the attraction of belonging to the inside circle of the the all-male clergy club will have deeper resonances in his immature personality.
The seminary is the breeding ground of the ring.

Many years ago, I was blessed to be able to drive to the Cathedral to with my children every Sunday.  I still consider it my spiritual home.

During that time, a master of ceremonies for the Archdiocese who also plays the key role in recruiting and ordination in the Archdiocese was telling people he spent his down time in gay bars.

I was extremely upset about this revelation.  The brazenness of his attempts to normalize it. The implication of gay hook-ups.   His proximity to candidates of formation to the diaconate and priesthood.   My fear was, this open dynamic had to be keeping orthodox men from ordination.

What struck me the most was the inappropriateness of his appointment and his retention after this disclosure.

What are the chances an ordained heterosexual boasting of spending his down time in a topless poledance booze parlor, would be appointed to leadership roles at the seminary and Sacred Liturgy?

I was deeply disturbed with this individual's comfort in making known he is placed into leadership position with open knowledge of what he does in his downtime.  It struck me as a brazen message that the power of the Archdiocese of Boston rests in the lavender ring.

The real story is the tolerance of this corruption, which we've done for far too long.

When it was first disclosed, I remember some people laughing about it.   It was entertainment to some Catholics - as if his presence and boldness represented an inner ring victory over the craven silence of pious people.

Of course, the silence is just a reaction to the hostility and slander of the corrupt.  The corrupt make it known you are the enemy. 

Few people have the courage to subject themselves to the ramifications of taking a position against their agenda.    It isn't a pleasant experience, even for Catholics who have their priorities straight.

Poor Archbishop Vigano is getting a good dose of it.   Unbelievably, Pope Francis is trying to portray the lies malice and slander the inner ring deploys as 'silence' and 'humble truth'.

As if discrediting Archbishop Vigano, instead of just answering questions, is the exercise of truth and humble pie.

Here is their idea of 'silence'.

Frs. Rosica and Lombardi stating they were upset they had to retract their lie that the only meeting the Holy Father would publicly acknowledge was with a gay man and his sex partner

Do they actually think this helps their credibility? 

They are admitting they're liars and support gay marriage.

They now claim who-am-I-to-judge-Pope-Francis was upset Kim Davis had been married four times, so they had to scramble to discredit the post-conversation actions of a woman who refused to surrender her salvation.

The public statement they wanted to make in the culture war was Pope Francis' support of gay sex partners and Archbishop Vigano turned the whole thing upside down.

How they think this helps to discredit Archbishop Vigano is an unsolved mystery.

They fail to recognize we are tired of lies and lies to cover up lies.

What we want is a statement from the Holy Father on whether he lifted sanctions on Cardinal McCarrick knowing he was a rapist.

We want a statement on why Pope Francis put known pederest Monsignor Battista Ricca in charge of the hotel he is living in.

We want a statement on whether he was told priest he gave a papal apartment to was known to conduct drug-fueled homosexual orgies.

We want a statement on whether he knows the real identity of Baby and if not, why Nighty Nights Tobin was appointed to a youth synod.

We want answers to these questions. 

We don't care if they accuse Archbishop Vigano doing a tango as naked as a jaybird with a rose between the cheeks of his butt in St. Peter's Square.

Just answer the questions of Catholics who long ago made a commitment to God that we would not consort with the Inner Ring for any reason.

This group of craftsmen will by no means coincide with the Inner Ring or the Important People or the People in the Know. It will not shape that professional policy or work up that professional influence which fights for the profession as a whole against the public: nor will it lead to those periodic scandals and crises which the Inner Ring produces. But it will do those things which that profession exists to do and will in the long run be responsible for all the respect which that profession in fact enjoys and which the speeches and advertisements cannot maintain.
Having 30+ years of experience in the group of craftsman, I can with absolute certainty, that every time the Inner Ring pulls a stunt like this, they are going to a big surprise from the rabbits in the hole.

Our friends at Boston Catholic Insider have the latest updates on the 'investigation' of St. John's Seminary. When faced with criticism Bishop O'Connell may have a conflict of interest in the investigation, Fr. Bryan Hehir replaced him with the Queen Bee of the Inner Ring.
Then there is the matter of Sr. Eisner now leading the “independent” investigation. Coincidentally, she is also on the Board of Trustees of SJS. Worse than that, Emmauel College is on a list of New Ways Ministry’s 130 known “gay-friendly” Catholic Colleges and Universities. 
Emmanuel College has a club, OUTspoken, for LGBTQA students to create a better understanding of their self-identity. Every year there is a student-led Reaching OUT Retreat for LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, Ally) students on Cape Cod sponsored by OUTspoken and Campus Ministry which has as one core principle, “Accepting and being proud of your sexuality and who you are.” Then one sees that Sr. Eisner’s religious order, the Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur had a GLBT activist lead a retreat at the order’s high schools in California in 2014. 
Wouldn’t this investigation into a homosexual scandal a bit more “independent” and objective if the leader of it wasn’t so closely associated with promotion of the gay agenda herself? Why not tap someone truly independent to lead it, who also believes and promotes what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality, such as the National Catholic Bioethics Center?
Good questions.

I suspect the answer is the same reasons an irrelevant 'joint statement' was issued from two cronies of the Roman Inner Ring.

And Jesus Wept.


  1. And here is what has happened to a priest in Santa Barbara when he spoke the truth:

  2. What "joint statement" are you talking about?

    1. Rosica and Lombardi joint statement

  3. And...who is the "a master of ceremonies for the Archdiocese"?


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