Thursday, September 27, 2018

Boston Archdiocese Refuses to Answer Questions About Priest Sexual Predator

Great coverage on the Walter Cuenin story:

The archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts is refusing transparency about a priest reportedly removed for homosexual assault.

In another development, in my last post, I published my unanswered email to the Vicar General of Boston.

A buffoon from the Archdiocese anonymously posted in the comments section of the above post and explained the reasons they do not feel obligated to answer Catholics who call begging them to stop sexual and spiritual predators :

AnonymousSeptember 26, 2018 at 9:41 AMHe probably doesn't feel the need to answer a letter from someone who doesn't show any traits of the Holy Spirit, but is obsessed with the actions of others. Maybe he doesn't feel the need to answer someone who sees themselves is a self-appointed policeman/woman of the Church. You keep asking for prayers, but we don't see any fruit of those prayers in your spiritual life or an infusion of the Holy Spirit. Just finger pointing and an obsession with what others are doing.
If you came across as a holy woman, then maybe your would get a response.

The Pope Francis fix.

We will not say one word or do anything about our sexual and spiritual predators, but stay tuned for homilies and social media posts explaining why we think victims are no good bums.

At least we finally have some answers on what is going on in the papacy of Pope Francis:  The lavender mafia is waiting for us to display the fruit of their prayers. 

If they only knew the insurgence to overthrow them is it.


  1. If you came across as a *major donor,* then you would get answers.

    1. Do you think?

      I would bet my life that before Legatus cut off the money, they communicated concerns and asked for answers. Wallets don't come bigger than Legatus. I've worked with those folks before during the 2002 Lavender Mafia uprising and they were adamantly against cutting off money.

      Most of these scoundrels are over 60 and their life goal of relieving their conscience of guilt depends upon getting the counterfeit church firmly established in Rome. It's been the purpose of their vocation and they don't want to face the grave without having succeeded. They've been tricked by the devil into believing its the key to their salvation.

      Just goes to show you how twisted you can get if you stray from Sanctifying Grace.

  2. The buffoon in question is using "Catholic guilt" to intimidate you, TTC. "Catholic guilt" doesn't appeal to a desire for holiness. It's an attempt to intimidate anybody who has the guts to question clerical superiors by fostering shame for not being perfect. It's designed to say, "You're not good enough to question me because of my ontological superiority. Why don't you stay a good little slave, you worthless lay person?"

    "Catholic guilt" denies the fact that those whom Christ redeemed, He made righteous in God's sight. The clerics and prelates deny that because it takes away their favorite tool of intimidation.

    1. That's surreal, but I think you've nailed it.

  3. and true to form you dismiss any thought inner reflection or inner examination i think the commenter nailed it as with all your good intentions you appear to lack humility and a lack of humility is a evident in a quick dismissal when anyone would point it out nailed it

    1. You just reinforced the anonymous post from 9/27 at 8:27 p.m. If anybody lacks humility or sense of inner examination, it's the chancery rats in Boston and elsewhere.

    2. Sure. Because nothing screams humility like Chancery folks who enable priest predators to sodomize our relatives for decades and then refuse to answer us when we call for accountability for your outrageous conduct. You are regular humble pie.

      You'll excuse us if we refuse to model it.

    3. Anon from 9/28 at 12:24: Amen!

  4. The real issue here is, the bishops, pope and all the lavender cronies in between, does not want to be held accountable for decades of priests and bishops they let sexually seduce people we love or rob them of salvation. Rather than exercise the 'mercy' and 'humility' you are always blabbing about, you accuse victims of your spiritual malpractice of unholiness and you use it as the excuse to cover up your crimes and abuse and mismanagement of perverts.

    If you check Kickham's files, there is decades of humble letters begging for your intervention. It got us nowhere. You never had any intention of removing perverts when we asked you humbly and you have no intention of removing them now when we ask for accountability with the language one uses with corrupt criminals.

    Sadly, you won't know what humble is until the day the FBI bangs down your doors to retrieve the files. Save your lectures on their unholiness for them, will ya? We are sick of it. From Braintree to St. Peter's Square.

  5. 13 Habits of a Humble Person.

    (PS: When someone offers a humble person a criticism, they don't immediately point to others behaviors as a defense. i.e.."It's not me! It's those other people doing something wrong!")

    Links for reflection:

  6. "PS: When someone offers a humble person a criticism, they don't immediately point to others behaviors as a defense. i.e.."It's not me! It's those other people doing something wrong!")"

    You don't seem to realize your own posts convict you of a lack of humility. You are the person who is saying "it's not me, you are doing something wrong"

    We don't live in a world where letting corrupt men enable the rapes of our relatives is the exercise of 'humility'. That spiritual and mental delusion only exists among rapists and their enablers.
    It is rampant in chanceries.

    Here's a memo to take back to the bunker. Send a copy to the Romans.

    The days when they portray the cover up of drugging our relatives to sodomize them as humility are behind them.

  7. Here is a shining example you can attach to the memo:

    The thousands of people who wrote letters to this cretin's bishop asking him to stop are not the unholy people who lack humility.

    The reporter who publishes the story is not an unholy person who lacks humility.

    The people in this story who are bankrupt of holiness and humility is the priest who was found hooked up to the sex machine in the room with two closet fulls of gay porn and the bishop who spent decades refusing to help the victims of his spiritual and sexual debauchery.

    And the same holds true for Walter. You people knew he was an alcoholic with a long history of sexually seducing Christ's people and in spite of that knowledge, you placed him in a college filled with uncatechized sexually promiscuous teenagers and young adults.

    And you did the same thing at St. John's Seminary. You positioned sexually charged homosexuals to groom our sons as a supply for the perverts all over the archdiocese whom you refuse to remove until they get caught by police.

    Using social media to try to spiritually manipulate and shame people who are telling you what you are doing is abusive and criminal and asking you to stop it, is a product of your own mental and spiritual illness from decades of unabsolved mortal sins.

    And a pope using the Sacred Liturgy to shame victims and whisteblowers is a diabolical manifestation of the same problem.

  8. Uglietto has been added to the lists of lavender mafia and their enablers. Period. And the paper trail will, by Christ, land on the desk of the Apostolic Nuncio with USPS certified receipts.

    It takes decades to put people who rape and and steal and then threaten bully whistlblowers out of their misery, but it always happens. We are more determined than ever to make sure evidence of every party to it will be in the hands of the people who are accountable for stopping you.


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