Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Results of Theological Forum Shopping

"Wishing Things Were Different"

An elderly Catholic gentleman wrote to Fr. Kenneth Doyle's Question Corner asking whether choosing cohabitation over marriage for financial reasons was really fornication.

Some priest had apparently pastorally tried to rectify the situation by explaining the spiritual dangers, but the gentleman went forum shopping and another priest told him 'not to let the moral situation bother their conscience'.  His girlfriend subsquently died without having her mortal sin absolved.

How many times have we seen this horror show?

A good shepherd attempts to ensure two elderly Catholics die in a state of Sanctifying Grace and a heretic priest lies to them and they eventually die in a state of mortal sin.  Robbed of salvation.

I can think of nothing worse than a physician of the soul who lies to their patient about something lethal.  

I was very relieved to see Fr. Doyle confirm that cohabitation indeed breaks the Commandments.

He then went on to say something that has me scratching my head:
I wish things were different. I wish, in your situation, there were a way for a priest to offer a marriage blessing while conducting a sort of "commitment ceremony" so that you would be married religiously but not civilly (and thus not adversely affect your individual financial benefits.) But there is not.
Let me put words in his mouth. I 'think' he's saying he wishes religious marriages were separate from civil marriages, but his description of leaves a lot to be theologically desired. If a couple is not married in the eyes of the law, how could the Church perform a ritual to 'bless' it?  

Here two people make a decision to engage in a scandalous public witness to children and the uncatechized.     Who would wish for a ritual?!

Is it me?

I wonder if this man realizes the implications of what transpired?    Prayers ascending for both of them.

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