Sunday, July 22, 2018

He Was Moved With Pity for Them

This weekend's woe to the shepherds readings are timely.

As the tip of McCarrick's sexual crimes continues to see the light of day, the spotlight has begun to close in on Maradiaga.

Journalists are claiming that  'revelations' of McCarrick's sexual assault 'will force the Pope's hand'.

But the evidence of record suggests the exact opposite.

Though the same underground stories of sexual debauchery that followed McCarrick's career also follow Cardinal Coccopalmerio, and though police raided a drug-fueled homosexual orgy at his apartment,  these revelations actually have helped Coccopalmerio (and others like him) further rise in Pope Francis hierarchal advisory roles.

Isn't this what is so disturbing about this papacy?

Those who have long histories of revealing disordered thoughts on sexual moral theology are being praised and appointed to the spiritual formation of our people.  

Pope Francis can't take all the blame for this decades-old problem.  It long preceded him.    But, the corrupt seem to be the sole appointees under Pope Francis.  Combined with purging the hierarchy of faithful prelates, he's responsible for a disturbing escalation of a long-standing problem.

In the upcoming world meeting on family formation, Pope Francis found Fr. James Martin's long history of encouraging mortal sin among homosexual Catholics so compelling, Martin was appointed the keynote tenor for the formation of Catholic families.      

But let us face it.   Long before Pope Francis, when the sexual debauchery of priests was being exposed in the US,  Cardinal McCarrick was responsible for coming up with solutions for the protection of children in the henhouse of Catholic bishops.

Every person who ever came into contact with Cardinal McCarrick knew something was wrong. You couldn't be in the same room with him without feeling the presence of the devil around him.   The same was true for Wilton Gregory.    Just as a heterosexual man with a sexual addiction acts in ways that reveal a problem, the homosexual seduction vibes they throw off are positively intoxicating.  

This is not the same experience one has with homosexuals or heterosexuals with sexual addictions who have their libido in check with Sanctifying Grace.

Cardinal McCarrick, like many others in the episcopal see - and priesthood for that matter - wear their sexual addictions on their sleeves or speak of them with their tongues.

St. Teresa of Avila was once saw a vision of a priest at Mass being attacked by the devil.

"with the eyes of the soul [she saw] two devils of hideous aspect who seemed to have their horns around a priest's throat while he celebrated Mass.
Our spiritual gifts do not need to be so sophisticated to sense a devil. St. Teresa of Avila describes the disquiet in the soul which every one of us in a state of Sanctifying Grace experiences when a devil is present.
This disquiet is such that I know not whence it comes: only the soul seems to resist, is troubled and distressed, without knowing why; for the words of Satan are good, and not evil. I ask myself whether this may be so because one spirit is conscious of the presence of another.
While I believe Cardinal McCarrick should be swiftly defrocked, that action is not going address the real problem.  The real problem is behind the reason priests with sexual addictions rise and are protected in the ranks of the hierarchy.   Unless and until the protection of these priests and bishops is addressed, these stories will continue to trickle out.  McCarrick is the tip of the iceberg.

It's hard not to disagree with Randy Engel that sexual perverts are protected because they have evidence that would convict too many of their colleagues and superiors.

I have zero confidence that this will happen with the current Holy Father who has repeatedly demonstrated that priests whose fruits are sexual immorality will rise to power and priests who object to it will be ousted.   This is a perfect execution of the corruption that protected Cardinal McCarrick for decades.


  1. Sad but true. A grave travesty. Trust in our hierarchy had been destroyed for the most part and for good reason. MANY are as sheep without a shepherd so we appeal to the Good Shepherd to please step in.

  2. Indeed, as I have said for quite some time now, we are on our own. And, they have even begun the purge of any priest who objects to their wayward promotion of worldly morality. It's time that the faithful laity begin to think of ways that we can protect our faithful priests that they have begun to discard. It's very obvious to anyone who can see that the USCCB is nothing but a political organization who has only its power and money in their sight without the slight bit of interest in saving souls. To sum it up, the 'institutional Church' is really not the Church anymore. It's time for everyone who loves the Church to take their blinders completely off and take a look at the raw ugly facts. It's now time for the faithful to stop feeding the beast, and put our money into helping our thrown away faithful priests so that we might be able to carry on the true Church. In other words, we are very quickly approaching 'catacombs' time. Please people, DON'T FEED THE BEAST ANYMORE! And don't fall prey to the accusations that are already beginning that 'we are in schism'.'s not the faithful who have left the Church of Christ, it's the institutional Church that has left. THEY are the ones in 'schism'. THEY are the APOSTATES. FULL STOP!

  3. Randy Engel was writing about Newark's problems real-time in the 1970's/'80's; she has a vast wealth of information on the corruption there (and elsewhere.) At that time, she wrote for The Wanderer, so she didn't have a large audience. Worse, very few Catholics in that era believed that there was a serious, ongoing lavender problem.

    So we learned the hard way, instead.


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