Friday, July 20, 2018

Fr. James Martin Outs Himself as a Sexual Predator Enabler

Lousy catechesis in the Catholic Church has enablers that come in all shapes and sizes.

A lot of times, priests and bishops suffer from cowardice and spiritual sloth.

A good amount of cognitive dissonance comes from priests who are sexually active or wish they were.

Every once in a while, you bump into a priest/bishop/Cardinal whose lies are seductive, sophisticated and pathological.

They even lie when there's no reason to lie.   Then they lie about their lies.

Everything Fr. James Martin says or writes is saturated with this kind of dishonesty.

Martin has written an exhaustive thesis on how and why Uncle Teddy got away with his sexual crimes.    It's every excuse in the book, except the real reason:   There are hundreds of Uncle Teds in the episcopal see and Rome is filled to the rafters with them--so if you want to be a priest, you've got to keep under their radar.  

Before Pope Francis, they were at least an underdog, though they still held powerful positions in Rome and had the capacity to destroy a vocation.  Some priests claim they are capable of murder and this is one of the reasons why the Church has been unable to drive them out.    They certainly have been given more power under Pope Francis, which is not at all edifying.

Fr. Martin admits he heard all the stories of Cardinal McCarrick's sexual assaults.   He even knew where Cardinal McCarrick was committing sexual assaults.

But, he never personally knew a victim, so the sexual assaults were ok to sweep under the rug because he admired him for his kindness and social justice work.

For the record, Cardinal McCarrick was also someone whom I, like many American Catholics, admired for both his pastoral work and social justice advocacy. Whenever I met him, he was also unfailingly kind, and I saw him extend that same kindness to others. 

The overwhelming vibes Cardinal McCarrick gave off that he was a sexually-active homosexual might have had something to do with the admiration, too. After all, that is Fr. James Martin's entire shtick.

This is enabling at its best.

I cannot help but wonder how many other sexual predators in the Church he hasn't reported?


  1. Many a sodomite predator is a smooth operator and seem most charming which is how they troll for their victims. The evils of that cardinal are coming to light and the scope of them is enormous. Preying on an teen family "friend" for years for example is only one thing. Preying on men who want to be priests or destroying them if they don't give in to his advances and yet destroying them another way if they do. He ordained many unworthy ones and the list goes on. Yeah, hitler made the trains run on time at the same time he was responsible for a war and death of millions.

  2. "I cannot help but wonder how many other sexual predators in the Church he hasn't reported.".........I would say they are LEGION. They all either cover for each other, or they hold information over each others heads for blackmail purposes at a later date. There are precious few that are truly faithful that manage to sneak by. I've heard stories of faithful priests 'pretending' to go along with the Catholic Twilight Zone they drill into heads in the Seminaries, and privately and secretively study about the true faith on their own.

    1. You are probably right about legion. I think priests pretending to go along with the heresy in seminaries happens a lot. It's how they survived and got ordained.

  3. Martin, who poses as a writer, doesn't even know when to say "who" and when to say "whom."

    1. Good observation! About the only thing he excels at is lying.


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